We create the finest diamond Jewellery in Australia

We create the finest diamond Jewellery in Australia

Jewellery in Australia is a property that will be valued by many generations. The value of a diamond is even more lauded when it comes to a central position on the engagement ring. Therefore, taking the time to find the most coveted ring is so important. Given the significant number of different options, the choice of gold jewellery for you will be a challenging but fascinating process.

The perfect jewellery collection is a unique example of timeless aesthetics, a union of traditional style and bold design solutions, embodied in products made from natural materials of impeccable quality. The best place to do this is in Sydney, at the GS Diamonds jewellery showroom. After all, the company has been giving romance, mystery and beauty of gorgeous diamonds to its customers for decades.

Large and small, flawless diamonds - GS Diamonds specialises. If it’s about engagement rings, check out our showroom with its indescribable home atmosphere. A kind, patient and competent staff will guide you through the kingdom of Jewellery Australia.

Here you will find the best examples of the main cuts of diamonds: round, emerald, pear, marquise or princess are always elegant styles. More importantly, you will be surrounded by experts who know everything about diamonds. Each engagement ring is handmade in our workshop. Unlike other jewellery companies that offer products with all possible options in the categories of carat, cut, colour and clarity, GS Diamonds jewellery use only the best diamonds with the highest quality indicators for each cut. Here you will find only the most sparkling diamonds of all existing because the experts and masters of the company do everything for the splendour of the stone (purity and colour) to achieve a genuinely flawless result.

Diamonds in gold jewellery are transparent, although, in fact, they have a particular subtle colour, which is determined on a scale from colour D (“exceptionally white”, that is, the complete absence of colour) to colour Z (“highly tinted”). We will help you choose precisely the stone that resonated in your heart more than others.

GS Diamonds jewellery rules

When a customer comes to our showroom or online store in search of a diamond engagement ring, he with all sincerity experiences a moment of great emotional excitement and love, preparing for an essential step in the life of every person. This is his primary goal. But we believe that our customers should be knowledgeable of the rules that determine our work.

We know how important it is that our gold jewellery is always fresh to the customer. Therefore, we control the latest trends in design. To achieve this, we have invested so much in creating each collection.

Our family company started working more than 30 years ago. During this period, she became one of the largest Australian manufacturers of jewellery. We are professionals for whom jewellery does not just work, but high art. Thanks to this approach, brand products are an example of quality and sophistication.

Absolutely all GS Diamonds jewellery is made in their own workshops by the best jewellers in Australia. A high level of craftsmanship, great stones and ingenious engineering solutions have created a well-deserved image for our jewellery house.

Dreaming of jewellery, you think about products that are truly unique in their kind, made to order, and suitable only for you. With great love and attention, we create exclusive treasures according to your desire.

Caring for the environment, social responsibility and environmental friendliness have long been part of the brand image.

This is the best Jewellery Australia in your life

Collections are regularly updated with new exclusive items. In their variety:

There are gold products in different shades, as well as platinum. The range consists of men's and women's accessories, thematic products. For example, wedding and engagement rings, gifts for the most beloved, loved ones and significant people. Because our mission is to help you make life more beautiful, to show feelings, capturing the most significant moments of being in a valuable gift. The creators of the brand set themselves the goal of glorifying Jewellery Australia, satisfying the tastes of the most gourmets of exquisite jewellery.

Since 1986, connoisseurs of gold can enjoy the impeccable quality and original design of GS Diamonds jewellery. Own production, flexible pricing and customer orientation have allowed the brand to become a leader in the jewellery industry in Australia. In our collections, we embody luxurious classic looks and original design solutions - there is a decoration for different tastes for you.

Inspiration takes a different and sometimes extraordinary form. Whatever the idea, its embodiment shows that Jewellery Australia remains excellent.

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