Wedding Anniversary Quotes - Happy Wishes and Messages

Wedding Anniversary Quotes - Happy Wishes and Messages

Not everyone is an incurable romantic, but you want the words to touch your partner's soul. Here are some tender wedding anniversary quotes to add to your intimate atmosphere:

As time passes, our focus shifts towards materialistic things: utility bills, work and household chores. We tend to miss out on what's truly important - hugging, kissing and sharing feelings. We postpone vacations, deny ourselves little indulgences, and so the days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months, and the months turn into a year. Fortunately, there is one moment reserved for the lovebirds - anniversary. Celebrate the qualities you cherish in one another, walk down the memory lane and finish strong with a sentimental wedding anniversary quote over the lovely dinner. If speeches aren't your strong suit, consider putting an anniversary message on a custom-made gift like a personalized mug or picture frame. Below we've prepared a list of unique quotes which you are more than welcome to borrow.

Romantic Touch

Of course, not everyone is an incurable romantic, but you want the words to touch your partner's soul. Don't be embarrassed to comment on the journey you underwent and proclaim your eagerness to continue it. Here are some tender wedding anniversary quotes to add to your intimate atmosphere:

  1. If a parallel universe does exist, I want us to be together in it.
  2. If love is a road, I want to explore it with you.
  3. These chubby rosy cheeks...What alternative did I have but to fall for them?
  4. When colleagues ask me: "Why are you always happy at work?" I answer: "Because I know I'll be with him once it finishes."
  5. "So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you." — Paulo Coelho.
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Sweet Feel

You've been together for a while now, and your spouse probably knows you from head to toe. It's high time to change the pace of the relationship and show your soft side. If you are not a natural Don Juan, consider using these heartfelt phrases to make your special one shed tears of joy:

  1. I stopped hating Monday mornings when I started waking up next to you.
  2. You are my biggest strength and my greatest weakness.
  3. Even now, you're still a mystery to me. Every day I discover you from different sides, sides I never knew existed. And it gives me a reason to live.
  4. You kiss me gently on my cheek and tiptoe quietly in the morning. That is how I know you care. That is how I know our love's alive.
  5. "In case you ever foolishly forget: I am never not thinking of you." - Virginia Woolf. 
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Lightening the Mood

Maybe you're the marriage type that conquered it all with laughter. Instead of a trite greeting, use humour and make your wedding anniversary quote special and memorable. Your better half will undoubtedly be dazzled by this spicy twist:

  1. A wedding band is the smallest handcuff ever made; I'm glad I chose my cellmate wisely.
  2. God proved two things when he brought us together: his genius and his sense of humour.
  3. I have two favourite things in the world: Starbucks and you.
  4. "To keep your marriage brimming with love in the loving cup, whenever you're wrong—admit it, whenever you're right—shut up." — Ogden Nash.
  5. "A marriage anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year." - Paul Sweeney.
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For Him

Surprise your husband, praise his good qualities and make him feel valued. As the saying goes:" There is not a successful man without a strong woman standing next to him".

  1. If love is a gift given by God, then I'm his favourite.
  2. In boredom, I'll be your seducer,

In danger, I'll be fearless knight,In sadness, I'll be inspiration,In darkness, I will be your guide.

  1. I wasn't struck by lightning to become a superheroine. But I was struck by love and got myself a superman.
  2. In childhood, I always wore safety gear. However, I'm no longer afraid to fall. I'm not afraid to fall because I know you'll be there to catch me.
  3. "I want you for always...days, years, eternities." - Franz Schubert.
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For Her

Melt your wife's heart and make her feel the centre of your universe. Women are delicate creatures; they treasure simple gestures and need an on and off reminder of your fondness:

  1. You are the best cortisol for me because my heart beats faster with you around.
  2. I have always loved the ocean because it's unpredictable and intriguing. It engulfs you once and for all. You became my ocean.
  3. Your actions bring peace, your smile gifts reassurance, your eyes radiate love.
  4. What is the secret of your unearthly beauty? I hope it's my love for you.
  5. "All that you are is all that I'll ever need." - Ed Sheeran.​
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One-Year Anniversary Quotes

You are at the starting point of your marriage, still testing the waters and figuring out each other. There is no better moment to salute the victories and strengthen your feelings with an empowering wedding anniversary quote:

  1. Yesterday I dreamt of marrying the most handsome guy in the world, and today I woke up next to him.
  2. Love is tricky to express in words. In a year I've learnt a few things about you, and one of them is that you hate cooking. Yet, every day I get delicious pancakes for breakfast, and, for me, it's more than enough.
  3. One can't have it all, but I don't need it all. I just need you because, to me, you are everything.
  4. Is it just me, or are you getting hotter day by day?
  5. "Grow old with me; the best is yet to be." - Robert Browning.
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5-Year Anniversary Quotes

  1. Years slip by, and I still wonder how I managed to get this stud muffin.
  2. After all our years together, I've realized there wasn't a single day I felt bored. You brighten my life, and ordinary ceases to exist.
  3. Musicians should ask you for a piece of advice because you two are totally in sync.
  4. Today I realized I've been missing something. My heart's been gone for years, and I think you've stolen it for good.
  5. "Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.' Mature love says, 'I need you because I love you.'" - Erich Fromm.
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10-Year Anniversary Quotes

  1. The sky has never been so starry, and chocolate has never tasted sweet; the world has never been so welcoming - that is, until I met you.
  2. My heart has been imprisoned by your wisdom. I'm drowning in your charming voice. Ten years later and I've reached the utter freedom: to be myself and at the same time to be yours.
  3. Time goes by, but you keep pushing me forward. You are my eternal motor for the engine called heart.
  4. You are my wings to fly higher, you are my anchor to combat the wind, you are my pillow to bury the sorrows; 

You are my hope, my attraction, my thrill.

  • One decade down; forever to go.
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25-Year Anniversary Quotes

  1. Not a day passes by that I don't adore your radiant smile.
  2. Time's proven your bond is unbreakable, as it only gets stronger every day. You found home in each other, harmony and passion. There's no finer relationship than one built on a spiritual balance.
  3. It's not about the destination; it's about steps. The steps you've taken led your hearts to one another and forged a beautiful dance of feelings. So, swirl, like there's no tomorrow.
  4. We've gathered today to celebrate this milestone - your wedding anniversary; you put in a lot of work and supported each other through harsh moments. Empathy, compromise and endearment - you used these ingredients wisely and served a lovely dish called marriage.
  5. "As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change … I will always keep falling in love with you." - Karen Clodfelder.
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50-Year Anniversary Quotes

Way to go! You've been married for half a century, so rejoice in this unbelievable accomplishment and affirm your warm feelings with these invigorating statements:

  1. I can't believe we've been together for so long, but you still look like Afrodita.
  2. With you, my "happily ever after" became possible.
  3. If love has a formula, then you two cracked it.
  4. Fifty years later, and you still make me blush.
  5. "I never loved you any more than I do, right this second. And I'll never love you any less than I do, right this second." - Kami Garcia.
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Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Parents

As children, you have a significant role to play. Tell your parents how happy you are for their milestone and how lucky you feel to have them as mentors. Prepare some fun rituals and recite uplifting wedding anniversary quotes:

  1. Marriage is a timeless union of hearts. It fills me with joy to see the two of you hug, kiss and hold hands. You've shown me that love is built on smaller things from which you craft a grand picture. I really like your picture and can't wait to see which details you'll add.
  2. No one understands the language of love better than the two of you.
  3. Dear parents, thank you for teaching me what true love is: to listen and to be heard. Shall the fire you two started never go out.
  4. Always together and never apart. You are her comet; he is your dust. That is how you created heavenly magic, known as love.
  5. Two minds, but common thoughts,

Four eyes, but shared view, Two hearts, but joined life -  That's pure love you've shown this world.

Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Friends

When it comes to friends, you can get creative. Congratulate them in a social media post, make a video or better yet, meet up for a drink and use these cool ideas to nail a killer toast:

  1. When someone asks me whether I believe in perfect matches, I tell them about you.
  2. Even the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious doesn't begin to describe warm feelings between the two of you.
  3. With you, it's hard to tell how many years have passed because you look so young together.
  4. Elon Musk would go out of business if you were to open relationship courses.
  5. Love is a painting you draw together. My friends, we might be looking at the Mona Lisa here.

To sum it up, it doesn't really matter if you use famous sayings or write something down by yourself, your beloved will be moved.

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