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Chemically identical

Lab grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds.


More cost-effective than natural diamonds of comparable size and quality. Certified by IGI.

Sustainability in mind

Each carat saves:

143 lbs (65kg) of CO2,

2,011 ounces (57 kg) of air pollution,

250 tons (227 tonnes) of earth


Lab Grown Diamonds

GS Diamonds are Australia’s leading provider of man-made, synthetic, lab grown diamonds. Exquisitely cut and designed to offer a more affordable, ethical, and accessible alternative to mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are fast becoming one of the most coveted stones in jewellery stores across Australia.

As the nation’s premier diamond retailer, here at GS Diamonds, we are pleased to offer an extensive range of lab grown diamonds that are exquisite in every way. Visually, physically, and chemically identical to naturally mined diamonds, we’re confident that our exclusive collection of lab created diamonds will allow you to find the perfect piece of jewellery, at the right price point.

Looking to customise an engagement ring with a man-made diamond? Create the ring of your partner’s dreams with the GS Diamonds range of lab grown diamonds today.


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Can you tell the difference between a lab grown and natural diamond?
No, lab grown diamonds cannot be identified by the naked eye and look just the same as natural diamonds, when comparing diamonds of equal characteristics.

Lab Grown Diamonds Sydney

Sydney’s Best Range of Lab Grown Diamonds

When it comes to finding the best lab grown diamonds Sydney has to offer, GS diamonds are the only choice. Lab grown diamonds, also known as man-made diamonds or synthetic diamonds, are real diamonds that have been created in a laboratory. Just like natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds are made of carbon – however the process to create them is very different.

Natural diamonds are formed over millions of years deep within the earth’s crust. Like the saying goes, diamonds are made under extreme heat and pressure which creates a solid, unbreakable exterior. Lab grown diamonds, on the other hand, are crafted using state-of-the-art technology that aims to exactly replicate the conditions under which natural diamonds are formed.

Over the last decade, GS Diamonds has been at the forefront of lab grown diamond technology with a growing range of lab grown diamond alternatives across every range in our collection. Buy online or visit our Sydney showroom at the Queen Victoria Building at 455 George Street, Sydney, Australia.

Exceptional Beauty, Outstanding Value

When it comes to finding the perfect diamond, many people used to believe traditional natural diamonds were the only way to go. Now the tide is changing as education around the benefits of lab grown diamonds is more widely known, with more and more people choosing lab grown diamonds as a stunning, viable alternative to traditionally mined diamonds. Our range of lab grown diamonds in Sydney are created in a laboratory setting using cutting-edge technology.
So, why are so many people now choosing lab grown diamonds?

One of the key advantages of lab grown diamonds over natural diamonds is that they are more environmentally friendly than their natural counterparts. The process of mining and extracting diamonds takes time, effort, and processes that are simply not required to create natural diamonds.

Additionally, lab grown diamonds tend to be less expensive than natural diamonds which means you are getting a larger, clearer stone for the equivalent price. Because the process of creating lab grown diamonds in Sydney is more efficient and there is no need to pay for the mining and labour of extracting diamonds, lab grown diamonds offer excellent value for money.

Remember, if you see products online claiming to be an alternative to natural diamonds, that does not mean that they are of the same quality as lab grown diamonds. Products which are sold as cubic zirconia, synthetic diamonds, moissanite, or eco-friendly diamonds are not lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are a genuine natural alternative that offer all of the natural beauty of traditional diamonds, at a more competitive price point.

If you’re looking for a diamond that makes a statement in an engagement ring, wedding ring, loose diamond, pendant, or earrings, then lab grown diamonds are a great alternative.

Visit Our Sydney Showroom

Our Sydney retail store is located at Shop 34-36 on Level 2 of the Prestigious Queen Victoria Building. If you prefer to shop online, you can browse our extensive range of lab grown diamonds online before purchasing online or visiting our Sydney showroom.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a lab grown diamond a real diamond?

In a word, yes. A lab grown diamond is made of exactly the same material (carbon) as a ‘real’ mined diamond. Although a lab grown diamond is made in a lab, it is still subjected to the same process a earth mined diamond goes through but in a speed up and controlled environment. The only difference between a natural diamond and a lab grown one is the how it was sourced, they are the same in every other way. 

How long do lab grown diamonds last? 

Lab grown diamonds have the same lifespan as natural diamonds, and if looked after properly will last forever. A diamond is an extremely strong material; it sits at the top spot on the MOHs scale of hardness as a number 10. Make sure to get your diamond jewellery professionally cleaned every year to keep it in the best condition. 

Can you tell if a diamond is lab grown?

Lab grown diamonds will look identical to a mined diamond after they have been cut and polished. To the human eye there would be no difference, made of the same material the only way to tell the diamonds apart is with a gemologist. A gemologist is a trained professional who with the right equipment can see the diamonds fluorescence patterns which differ in lab diamonds. 

You don’t have to worry about anyone spotting the difference if you buy a lab grown diamond ring, they are still as exquisite and stunning as a natural diamond. 

Are lab grown diamonds better for the environment? 

Compared to mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are better for the environment. Diamonds that are mined create a substantial amount of carbon emissions and use a high quantity of electricity. Lab grown diamonds don’t use any harmful chemicals in their production and only use a modest amount of electricity.

How are lab grown diamonds certified? 

Lab grown diamonds are certified through GIA certification. In order to be certified, diamonds must go through a rigorous testing process to ensure it meets the strict requirements of GIA. GIA has only recently begun to certify lab grown diamonds in the same way that natural diamonds are certified. Previously, lab grown diamonds were only ever certified by grading categories. That being said, lab grown diamonds will be graded differently to mined diamonds. This is because there can be subtle differences between the two, such as slight variations in colour or clarity. These variations are not detectable to the naked eye but may affect the grading of the diamond.


Why choose a lab grown diamond?
Some of the biggest advantages of a lab created diamond include:
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How are lab grown diamonds certified and graded?
The process for grading lab grown diamonds is the same as traditional diamonds