Sale items, Special Offers and Discounts


a) General Terms

  • The EOFY promotion will be valid from 13/06/2024 - 14/07/2024 and include 5% off all diamonds and 20% off of all floor stock
  • The promotion will be applied only to purchases made in this period, instore or online
  • Purchase must be paid in full to apply the discount
  • The EOFY promotion will not apply if you refund or cancel an existing order and then place a new one.
  • 1% bank transfer discount is additionally applicable
  • Money-back guarantee applied as per usual terms 

b) Clarifications on Floor stock

  • All Floor stock means all ready-to-go items on the  floor.
  • Includes mounts in stock, engagement rings with or without centre stone, wedding rings, rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants in stock
  • 20% will not be applied if the item is not in stock and needs to be ordered. The item must be sitting in the store to be discounted.
  • Only stock Lab-Grown loose diamonds in-store will apply the 20% discount. Loose natural diamonds that are in-store will be a 5% discount applied except if they are already set to jewellery item.
  • The ready-to-go rings will not be resized more than 2 sizes and there will be no alterations on these rings