Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring – What is the Difference?

Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring – What is the Difference?

Exchanging rings is a tried-and-true tradition that has withstood the test of time. A popular practice dating back centuries is today still thriving and seen as the best way to symbolise your love for one another.

But what’s the difference when it comes to engagement rings vs wedding rings?

If you are planning to pop the big question soon, but don’t know what the wedding jewellery is for, we break down the difference helping you get your head around a key element to your big day.

What is an engagement ring?

An engagement ring is a ring designed to propose the idea of marriage to a partner. Given out at a marriage proposal, and displayed very proudly in social media posts, an engagement ring is known to be the best way to show off your upcoming nuptials.

Getting engaged has always been a big fuss but now has grown even further in importance, with engagement parties, once traditionally held by the bride’s family as an announcement to the community, now becoming the new craze, and another excuse to celebrate the big event. At the centre of the engagement party, you are sure to find the engagement ring displayed proudly on the finger of the lucky spouse.

Engagement rings are decidedly more flashy than other rings, meant to impress, normally sporting a diamond in pride of place in the middle of the ring band. Created in a wide variety of styles to suit most preferences, engagement rings are very customisable.

engagement ring

What is a wedding ring?

Wedding rings are traditionally presented during a wedding ceremony and are used as a symbol to represent the union of marriage.

A wedding ring is designed to be placed on what is referred to as your ‘ring finger’ located on your left hand. This finger was chosen in the Middle Ages, as it was thought there was a vein that ran directly to your heart from the ring finger. How romantic!

Do you need an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

Whether you need an engagement ring as well as a wedding ring is simply a personal preference. Both rings symbolise a different stage in your relationship. If you aren’t bothered about having that timeline displayed to the world, and you don’t like the feeling of wearing two rings, deciding to just go for one may be an option for you.

Everyone has their own views on engagement and wedding rings. Seen perhaps as a more traditional element, some people are beginning to look for alternate symbols: opting for ring tattoos, or only wearing one ring to symbolise both the engagement and wedding. However, the two-ring combo still reigns as the most popular option among today’s newlyweds.

Do you purchase the engagement ring and wedding ring together?

An engagement ring is often purchased in advance of the wedding ring in secret by one partner. Typically, the person being proposed to is the only one who wears the engagement ring. Wedding rings on the other hand are normally chosen and purchased together by both parties.

Some engagement and wedding rings are designed with each other in mind. Known as stackable rings, the wedding band is fashioned to sit snugly against the engagement ring purposely designed to be a matching set.

Some rings are presented separately but then soldered together to create one joint ring. This is done to signify the unity of the two rings but also often just for convenience’s sake.

Should your wedding ring match your spouse?

There is no hard rule about whether your wedding ring should match your spouse’s. Like with everything regarding your wedding, it should be whatever you and your partner feel is right.

Your wedding ring will usually feel different as one will often have more of a masculine energy and the other a feminine energy. For example, a pave of smaller diamonds in a wedding ring gives traditionally more of a feminine energy, than a plain metal band ring. Although those examples are visually different, they can still match, with both having the band made of the same gold or silver.

A better way to think about your wedding ring is not, do the wedding rings need to match but, does the wedding ring match my spouse?

Quite often a spouse’s occupation prevents them from having a ring, a job around tools and heavy lifting can pose a safety hazard if wearing a ring. Another factor to consider is your partner’s personality and style preferences. If they have a more understated style and aren’t ready for anything eye-catching, they may not want the paved diamond band that matches yours.

What costs more, an engagement ring or a wedding ring?

Engagement rings are typically a higher price than wedding rings. This is because engagement rings are usually considered to be more extravagant. 

Typically, engagement rings have a large diamond right in the middle. Some even have smaller paved diamonds and intricate details on the rest of the band. The presence of diamonds will always indicate a higher price. Wedding rings however are simpler, normally a plain metal band, or a smaller paved ring. Although still a precious metal like gold or silver, the price point is not as high as a diamond.

At the end of the day, there isn’t a huge material difference between the two rings. The main difference between an engagement ring vs a wedding ring, is symbolic, showing the stage of a couples relationship.

Both rings are and will remain timeless. The most beautiful, elegant expression to show your commitment to your spouse. It all comes down to how well you know your partner, and how you want to express your feelings and commitment to them, as to whether you go for one ring or two.

If you need help finding an engagement or wedding ring to suit you and your partner, simply browse our online store to view our extensive collection of engagement and wedding rings you are sure to love.

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