How to Clean Your Diamond Ring at Home

How to Clean Your Diamond Ring at Home

Have you noticed your diamond ring becoming a bit dull and has started to give off a little less sparkle? Fear not, this isn’t permanent (and no, we’re not here to convince you on an upgrade), like most things, diamond rings need to be regularly cleaned -  particularly if you want to keep that fabulous high-quality shine.

Exposed to dirt and grime on the daily, make sure you are giving your rings a little TLC, and learn the safe and easy way of how to clean a diamond ring.

Why does my diamond ring get dirty in the first place?

Wearing your diamond ring daily means that it is going to get dirty. Every day we use our hands, slathering on substances like moisturiser, using creams, sprays, and makeup which inevitably get onto the ring, making it dirty.

Diamonds are a magnet for oil and just by wearing your ring, the natural oil from your hands is attaching itself to your jewellery.

Even if you are constantly washing your hands, that’s just a splash of water and soap over your ring and won’t be able to get rid of the grime build-up, like adeep clean will. 

supplies needed for home cleaning

What happens when you don’t clean your diamond ring?

If you don’t clean your diamond ring, you are at risk of a build-up of bacteria forming. This could damage the ring by dulling and discolouring the stone, and even damaging the metal band and setting.

You also don’t want the build-up of bacteria to lead to any irritation to the skin on your finger, which would mean you would have to stop wearing your precious piece of jewellery altogether.

How often should you clean your diamond ring?

You should personally clean your diamond ring every two weeks and then have it professionally cleaned by a jeweller every six – to twelve months.

Cleaning the ring yourself is necessary to keep your diamond from dulling and preventing an extreme dirt and bacteria build-up. But to keep your ring in a new-like condition, it’s best practice to take your diamond ring to be professionally cleaned by a jeweller.

A professional jeweller knows how to handle your ring with the utmost care and has the right tools to get rid of the build up of bacteria build up, that you most likely won’t have access to at home. Jewellers use a special solution in an ultrasonic cleaner that creates high-frequency sound waves and vibrations to remove the grime, getting into all the crevasses of the ring.

If your ring is due for a clean, book into GS Diamond’s professional jewellery cleaning service. We know diamonds better than anyone, and after a professional clean you’ll certainly notice a difference in your ring - as it will be sparkling again like the day you got it!

How to clean your diamond ring at home

Keeping your ring clean between professional cleans will go a long way in retaining sparkly. Cleaning your diamond ring at home yourself may sound daunting, but it’s far more simple than you may have thought and can be done super quick, in as little as six steps.

All you will need is:

  • A small container or bowl that can hold water and fit your ring.
  • Warm water (not hot or boiling!)
  • Soap - a mild dish soap is best. Don’t try to use any other soap or chemicals.
  • A toothbrush. Soft-bristled and clean (preferably not your own!)
  • a soft cloth.

why your diamond ring gets dirty

Step 1:

Get out your container/bowl and fill it with enough warm water to cover your ring. Make sure the water isn’t boiling or too hot to the touch, as this could harm your ring and even potentially cause the band to warp.

Step 2:

Add in a few squirts of soap - you don’t need a lot, as your ring isn’t a large item. Make sure you are only using a mild dish soap and no harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals like bleach can damage the metal.

Step 3:

Place your ring into the mixture and put on a timer for 20 minutes allowing it to soak. Once 20 minutes has lapsed,remove the ring from the solution. In that time, the dishwashing liquid and warm water will have broken down the grime and oil stuck to the ring.

Step 4:

Get your soft bristled toothbrush and carefully brush your ring - using only a light pressure - you are dislodging the dirt that has built up over time. Make sure to only focus on the diamond and not the metal band as it could scratch. Also ensure you have a toothbrush specially for this activity, that it is both clean and hasn’t been used for anything else.

Step 5:

Rinse your ring with clean cold water. Best to do it over a bowl in case you drop the ring - you certainly wouldn’t want it falling down the drain of your sink!

Step 6:

Grab a soft cloth making sure it is lint-free, and pat your diamond ring dry.

What NOT to do when cleaning your diamond ring

When cleaning your diamond ring at home, it’s best to stick to the basics. Don’t use any chemicals as they can make your ring worse rather than better, as harsh chemicals can tarnish or degrade your ring.

Be careful with your ring, don’t use harsh bristled brushes, or rough pressure as it can lead to dislodging the diamond, or scratching the surface of the ring.

steps to clean your diamond ring

Diamond ring daily care tips & tricks 

Best care practises for your diamond ring include:

  • Take your ring off if you are going to engage in any sporting activities, as the ring could get caught and damaged.

  • Remove your ring if you are going swimming in a chlorinated pool, the chemicals can negatively affect your ring, potentially tarnishing the metal.

  • Always make a habit of checking the prongs and setting of your ring. Any movement in these can make your diamond come loose, so best to be proactive and get the setting readjusted.

  • Don’t over-polish your ring. Constantly polishing your ring will have you removing microns of metal. Only polish occasionally, or request a polish when you take your ring in for a professional jewellery cleaning.

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