Lab Grown Diamonds Brisbane

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Chemically identical

Lab grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds.


More cost-effective than natural diamonds of comparable size and quality. Certified by IGI.

Sustainability in mind

Each carat saves:

143 lbs (65kg) of CO2,

2,011 ounces (57 kg) of air pollution,

250 tons (227 tonnes) of earth


Brisbane’s Best Range of Lab Grown Diamonds

Shop the biggest and best selection of lab grown diamonds Brisbane has to offer with GS Diamonds.

When it comes to comparing lab grown diamonds to natural diamonds, the differences are imperceptible to the naked eye and almost indistinguishable to a trained jeweller – even under a microscope.

Lab grown diamond technology has come along in leaps and bounds over the last decade and GS Diamonds has been there through every step and each iteration. Today, lab grown diamonds are a stunning, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective alternative to traditional natural diamonds.

Naturally sourced diamonds are formed over millions of years from deep within the earths crust. Made of carbon and formed through extreme heat and pressure (just like the best things in life) diamonds are a finite resource that have long been a symbol of wealth, love, extravagance, and commitment.

Today, lab grown diamond technology is designed to replicate the extreme conditions that form natural diamonds. Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, lab grown diamonds perfectly replicate the conditions under which real diamonds are formed.

For almost a decade, GS Diamonds have been at the forefront of the lab grown diamond movement in Brisbane. With a growing range that offers natural, and lab grown alternatives in each collection, we are committed to embracing the future of the diamond trade. Shop our range online or visit out Brisbane showroom at 141 Queen St, Brisbane City, QLD 4000.


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Could you spot the difference with natural?
Most probably not. Last purchased lab grown engagement rings and jewellery

Outstanding Quality meets Unbeatable Value

When it comes to finding the perfect diamond for an engagement ring, wedding ring, or even as a loose diamond, customers have more choice than ever before. Increasingly, more and more people are opting for lab grown diamonds as a viable, stunning alternative to traditionally mined diamonds. At GS Diamonds, we have curated the biggest and best range of lab grown diamonds Brisbane has to offer. More customers are opting for lab grown diamonds because they are a natural, stunning alternative to traditional diamonds. Traditionally, the process of mining and sourcing diamonds from some of the most remote pockets of the globe has had a notable environmental impact. Today, lab grown diamonds provide a clean, sustainable way to source diamonds.Lab grown diamonds are also substantially less expensive than the equivalent natural diamond. That means that you can have the large, custom stone that you have always
dreamed of, for a fraction of the cost of a natural diamond. The best part? Unless you’re a trained jeweller looking under a microscope, you will never know that you were looking at a lab grown diamond. In fact, many people now choose lab grown diamonds solely for their clarity and quality. If you’re looking for a diamond that makes a statement in an engagement ring, wedding ring, or loose diamonds then lab grown diamonds are a great alternative.

Visit Our Brisbane Showroom

Our Brisbane retail store is located at 141 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000. If you prefer toshop our range of lab grown diamonds in Brisbane online, you can browse our extensive range online before purchasing online, over the phone, or visiting our Brisbane showroom.


Why choose a lab grown diamond?
Some of the biggest advantages of a lab created diamond include:
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How are lab grown diamonds certified and graded?
The process for grading lab grown diamonds is the same as traditional diamonds