The Guide, Which Diamonds To Choose

The Guide, Which Diamonds To Choose

Choosing a diamond ring for your sweetheart you should pay attention on main characteristics of Diamond, such as Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color, Shape, Style and other features of the diamond. GS Diamonds Australia would like to open the curtains to diamonds area, helping you to understand better, which diamond to choose, making a final choice.

Oh, poor men! Just like the act of marriage itself, buying diamonds can be extremely complicated for them. Diamonds, also known as the strongest and the most beautiful stone on the planet, have become a sign of love and marriage. No marriage is considered complete without the man getting a diamond ring for the love of his life.

Considering that men don’t tend to know much about diamonds and the different facts related to them, we will be providing a guide of sorts in this article. Deciding to buy a diamond ring for the love of your life, without any prior information, can be quite taxing, which is why we hope the guide below serves as a good introduction to the cause for men all over the globe.

There are different factors related to understanding a diamond and how feasible it can be for you. We will look at all such factors here, and study all that you need to know about diamonds before you go for buying your first diamond ring.Remember that buying your first diamond ring can be quite complicated, which is why you need to have all the details covered. Read this guide below and have a good time shopping for a ring of your choice.


The clarity of a diamond is the first thing in our agenda today. Since we’ve all been in school during some part of our lives, I expect all of you to be accustomed with the big fat ‘F’ grade, used to denote Failure. But, when it comes to the clarity of your diamond, an F is what you would want, as here it stands for ‘Flawless’ or the highest grade on the meter for diamond clarity.

And since the clearer a diamond is, the better it is, an F is what you would want to have. Since no two diamonds are the same, the clarity is factored in to distribute diamonds based on their precision and make.


The next subject in line here is ‘Color’ and anything between a D to an F is perfect; bet you wish you could repeat High School with this type of grading, right?

When it comes to color, diamonds get graded on the basis of how colorless they are. The more colorless a diamond is, the better it looks. The scale for color goes from extremely clear and colorless to shades of yellow. Diamonds in between grades D and F are the most colorless, but it is diamonds between G and J that will give you the best value.

As the difference between a diamond of a D and an I grade is difficult to spot for the naked eye, you can buy one from the I grade and still get a similar impact. However, the beauty of a completely colorless diamond is often unparalleled.


Should you ever thought about the diamond cut? With this specific information in your mind, here is all you need to know.The cut of a diamond means proportions of it, which determines the level of sparkle and shine. The cut is basically how a rough diamond from underground becomes an impeccable gemstone that your lovely fiancé can show around to her friends, boasting about you in between as well. In simpler terms, the cut defines how good the ring looks on your lady’s hand, and whether it suits your bride, her character and charisma.

A diamond that has the perfect cuts would shine perfectly well and might catch the light well. Another diamond without the perfect cuts would fail to exude the same vibes and would just sort of sit on the mount, without creating an impression.

Diamond Shapes

Are we done with this guide yet? Not really, because there is one more aspect to a diamond that isn’t completely covered by the 4 Cs; diamond shape. Let’s look at some shapes here and understand the different options.

The standard shape for all other gems as well, the round shape accounts for over 75 percent of all diamond ring sales in the world today. The girdle for this round shape is achieved through precise cutting and measurements.The one of the most popular is cushion shape as well, which usually come in a square shape and offer the brilliance of a freshly cut diamond alongside that of an emerald cut.

The oval diamond shaped ring is a symmetrical rounded stone extremely famous with women that have short fingers or small hands. There is a flattering illusion involved with the elongated shape.

The last one, suitable for people, who are looking an Engagement ring on the Budget is a square shaped diamond, namely Asscher shape. The end result is a beautiful piece that will look good on any finger.

Final Cheat Sheet

With almost everything related to diamonds covered in this guide for men, here are some cheat notes for you to remember in the future.

  • Best Clarity? Any diamond with fewer inclusions and blemishes is considered best for use. Fewer inclusions increase the aesthetic look and beauty of the cut.
  • Color. You don’t need to go for completely colorless diamonds graded between D to F, as the ones between G to J look exactly the same, but come with some cost savings
  • Size. Size matters a lot. While we believe that a one-carat, perfect cut can look better than a two-carat piece that just sits there, the final choice should be what your girl wants. Go get what your girl will love.

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