How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

The engagement and the upcoming wedding are traditionally associated with the most pleasant and sincere phenomena in the world: loyalty, tenderness, selfless devotion. But you can't ignore the need to spend on an engagement. Therefore, it is much better (and more honest, in fact) to find out the answer, so then you can carelessly enjoy only the lofty sides of a happy event!

What to look for when buying an engagement ring?


When choosing an engagement ring, we advise you to pay attention to the following points:

  • If you buy a ring by too global brand, you overpay for the name. The cost of an engagement ring of the same characteristics in a local jewellery store is much cheaper than in a store of a world-famous brand.
  • The price of an engagement ring with a diamond directly depends on the value of the diamond, which is evaluated according to several criteria: carat weight, clarity, colour, cut.
  • Pay attention to the engagement ring's design and style of the woman you are giving the gift.

When choosing a jewellery store, make sure that you have all the necessary guarantees and attributes of the jewellery's authenticity (certificate, brand and manufacturer's tag).

To ensure the maximum value and beauty of your diamond at a reasonable price, purchase an engagement ring from a reputable Australian retailer. Together with an experienced jeweller, you can find a stunning diamond engagement ring at great prices. To find a beautiful ring or compare the two, contact our diamond experts. They are always happy to help, as they have already helped hundreds of lovely couples!

How much Australians spend on an engagement ring on average?


Previously, it was believed that engagement rings cost should be equal to an average of two to three months of a potential groom's income. But modern people increasingly neglect this simple arithmetic and try to impress their beloved not with the price but with the decoration's originality.

So, you have to determine how much to spend on an engagement ring by looking at your financial situation and your bride's desires and style. You don't have to follow general rules like spending three months' salary because marketers and diamond sellers often set these "rules". But you can see how much other Australians spent on an engagement.

According to statistics, about 75% of men and 83% of women believe that a bride's jewellery should cost from $5,000. This price is roughly equivalent to a 1 carat diamond solitaire ring. A great classic option for all time! But what if you want an original ring? Will a unique diamond engagement ring be more expensive than the standard one?

Professional life hacks of ring shopping


Modern couples prefer the more varied cut diamonds.For example, Princess and Marquise cut diamonds are now twice as famous as they were ten years ago. The secret is that an oblong stone often looks larger than a round one. Thanks to this visual effect, you can sacrifice carats but not lose in beauty!

Another feature of modern engagement rings cost is the rejection of a design based on a single centre stone in favour of a group of smaller stones. When placed together, they are capable of "imitating" a large diamond. This is a great way to effectively use the engagement ring budget and get the maximum shine effect.

The most profitable buy a ring in Australia is the Preset Rings collection from GS Diamonds. We have compiled it from several models of flawless rings at a uniquely affordable price, which includes centre diamond. For example, a white gold Halo Diamond Engagement Ring for A$ 1,500! This is a perfectly balanced perfect ring conceived and embodied by the finest jewellers in Australia.

How much does an exclusive engagement ring cost?


While communicating with customers daily in the showroom and online, we have noticed that more couples prefer to discuss buying a ring together. This is not considered a problem - the couple together discuss the budget they are willing to spend on the ring.

As a jewellery company with 35+ years of experience, we offer such couples the most attractive conditions. You can choose diamond engagement rings directly on this site - this is a complete range of models with a wide range of customization and customization options.

For example, you consider a collection, then select a diamond with all the desired parameters (size, cut, clarity) and price. And then you can easily buy a ring online. And at the same time, you will be sure of the best price. However, you can instantly compare the average cost of diamond jewellery. But we are confident that you will come back to us for excellent wedding rings.

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