When to take off your engagement ring?

When to take off your engagement ring?

So when to take off your engagement ring? Or is it more useful to take it off before the wedding, or keep it on? And if so, on which hand?

An engagement ring is presented throughout (or soon after) the proposal, while a wedding band, or marriage ring, is traditionally replaced through the wedding celebration. So when to take off your engagement ring? Or is it more useful to take it off before the wedding, or keep it on? And if so, on which hand?First, relax. It's not a real problem because there is no established law on this question. But there are four circumstances when to take off the engagement ring, which we are glad to share with you.

What do you do with your engagement ring after you get married?

Many couples choose to replace the engagement jewellery for the wedding band. They get it from their left hand before the wedding ceremony. Put the wedding ring on the ring finger. The diamond engagement ring moves into the jewellery box, where it is held to be given to the following generation. It is also traditional to use the engagement ring to the wedding and also later. The engagement ring lives on the left hand's ring finger, and the wedding ring is carried on the right hand. This is especially useful when the composition of the two rings is very varied. So you have some alternatives to decide:

  1. Exchange the engagement ring for the wedding ring 
  2. The engagement ring continues on the left, wedding ring is worn on the right.
  3. At the wedding ritual, the fiancé puts the ring from the left onto the right ring finger of the bride, who then carries it even after the wedding.
  4. She is using the wedding ring and engagement ring commonly.

You have lovely alternatives to what to do with an engagement ring after the wedding. We recommend mixing the engagement ring with the wedding band. The wedding band and engagement jewellery are kept so that they fit unitedly excellently. You can then dress both rings on your right hand after the wedding.

Do you need both an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

Culture supports the requirement for a separate wedding and engagement ring, but actually, it depends on personal preference. An all-in-one ring may be a more suitable fit for someone who favours minimalism or just doesn't like using gems.Since a wedding band is traditionally replaced during the tradition, there's no necessity to plan the right off. As the engagement ring is usually a surprise, collectively choosing the wedding bands as a recently engaged couple can be a fun bonding action.

Should your engagement ring and wedding band match?

If you determine to carry an engagement ring after married, then the question is: should your engagement ring and wedding band harmonize? GS Diamond designer carefully thought about this and created unique engagement and wedding styles (called bridal sets of rings).While there may be a requirement to get an engagement ring and wedding band that is a perfect match, no rules say this is necessary. Another decision to design a balance between rings is to collect parts with similar details to match the set, such as the ring's metal shade. But what about you? Do you wear your engagement ring every day?

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