Wedding, Engagement Ring or Both of it

Wedding, Engagement Ring or Both of it

If you have doubts referring whether to buy Engagement Ring, Diamond Ring or both of it, this article should be useful enough for you. For sure you are aware that Engagement ring shows deeper commitment and love to your beloved one, complying with the wedding procedure, which gives time to think whether you are ready to tie both of you with marriage and forever relationship.

When it comes down to it many people find it okay to invest their hard-earned money on rings for both celebrations. Here, we are going to answer the most burning question you’ve been asking yourself about having one or two rings and is it possible to substitute one for the other?

Differences Between the Two

To answer the question on substituting first, we need to know the definition of both the rings and what they represent. Given to the person you are about to marry, the ring normally features a precious stone which is normally a diamond in the center. It is also somewhat more significant as compared to a wedding band. When comparing the two, the first one tends to fancier, while the other is simple in design, but may include a diamond or precious stone in the middle.

A wedding band is exchanged between two partners and is worn as a symbol of their love for each other and as a sign that a person has tied the nuptial knot. Now that we’re clear what the two rings are, let’s get down to answering the question of, “Can one be substituted for the other?”

The short answer is: Yes, it can, and so can graduation rings, your dad’s Marine Corps ring, or a cheap plastic ring as well. The only downside to these options is that they aren’t going to be really appreciated by the bride. Besides, going with any of these unconventional options will only mean spending hours trying to explain to everyone you meet about your strange decision.

That being said, it is important to design an Engagegement ring in the way, that make your bride surprised and even cry. The choice is wide, ranging from one stone to three stone rings like a ready-made stones and possible design, invented by you. This also goes for eternity rings, which are often touted as both rings. The point is, these rules are not set in stone, so ultimately, the decision is going to be up to the individual.

How to Wear the Rings?

The ring is presented to show one’s love for their partner. In western cultures, it is the woman who receives the ring. This ring is worn on the left hand and is replaced with the ring later on.

The Vena Amoris

The tradition of wearing it on the third finger dates to ancient times when it was believed to have special meaning. It was believed that the vena amoris was directly connected to a person’s heart. So, wearing a ring on the left finger symbolizes that your partner will always be close to your heart. Ahh, how romantic. However, the vena amoris was just a myth.

Left Hand or Right?

There are some exceptions even in western cultures when it comes to wearing the ring. For instance, the Romans stated that right hand of a person symbolizes goodness while the left hand is evil, which is probably why the word left means “sinister” in Latin. In the Netherlands, Catholics wear their rings on the right hand, and Protestants on the left. After marriage, the hands switch, and the ring is worn on the other hand.

Supposedly, people have found some practical reasons for choosing to wear the ring on a certain finger. For example, most folks are right-handed, which means they use their right hand more. Since the ring is an expensive investment, people normally wear it on the less dominant hand to keep it from getting damaged.

Wearing the Ring

Once both parties have stated their vows and the “I dos” in the European culture both rings are worn on the left hand. At the start of the day, when it comes to wearing a ring, it all comes down to personal preference and what works best for you, wearing both Rings on the same finger or using different fingers for each of the ring. We have explored different countries and cultures, before showing you how couples in the world wear their rings according to local tradition and for more functional reasons.

Good to mention that nowadays religion plays less dominant role in day-to-day life, however from the practical perspective it make sense to wear it on the left hand. By wearing your ring on your non-dominant hand will help you to keep it more in the original way.

Once the celebrations are over, the couple can choose to either get their ring; stacked on top of the ring, worn on the right hand with the band on the left hand (or vice versa), or to not wear it.

Stacking Rings

Some people also choose to wear both on the same finger can also be an option. Normally, this works when one ring is more extravagant than the other. For instance, a diamond solitaire is featured on an ring, while rings are plain. The two rings can also be stacked on top of each other, which is how the curved ring was invented.

What About Both?

At the end of the day, it mainly depends on one’s personal preference. For sure you can choose to wear Engagement ring or not: the choice is behind you.  It’s common for couples to move away from tradition and choose a ring with a diamond or go for a ring with flair rather than the traditional plain design. On the other hand, some couples are comfortable getting just one Wedding ring each instead of getting both.

There are quite a few benefits of going that route, one of which is to save money. Rather than getting two different rings, more and more couples are just getting one ring. Going with one ring is also better than stacking both rings since you will have to make sure the two rings lineup perfectly.

In the end, all that really matters is what you want. If you want to wear your ring, that’s fine. If you want to wear your ring and ring to wear on separate fingers, then that’s fine as well. The bottom line is that you should feel proud of your decision.

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