Wedding checklist – a survival mission or a lovely time together

Wedding checklist – a survival mission or a lovely time together

No matter how early you begin preparation for one of the most meaningful days in your life, it may be a challenge to keep an eye on every single detail. The wedding is a logical continuation of the engagement and the latter seems more unpredictable and emotional.

What comes after the engagement?

Keeping a secret, worrying about the desired answer, spending hours picking up the perfect ring, unless you have the amazing guide for shopping for a band…. And that’s all for one person! And now here you are with the person to rely on, to share your love, life and wedding plans. Right after “yes” we advise you not to hurry with wedding planning: enjoy your new status and take the time to discuss with your partner how you want to spend this day. You may start drawing a general picture:

  • think of the season of the day to be, as it influences the colour theme and floristic ideas for the ceremony. 
  • select the format for the wedding: a traditional wedding for Australia or an original celebration. Then, step by step, you will be ready for the long wedding checklist that will complement the memorable moments of your couple.
  • decide on the budget, since most tasks and the length of the list, depending on it. 

You may get rid of the headache and entrust all the preparation to a wedding planner, who will stick to the timeline and make sure you get only the fun part. With our fab wedding list of things to do, there will be no stress in organizing everything on your own.

We suggest you take a year to organize everything smoothly, no matter what the scale of your party is. Alternatively, you may intensify the first three slots and finish them in one month, so later you are on track with the rest. So, shop for a cute bride’s diary and let the mission to complete the wedding checklist begins!

12-10 months before the wedding

  • Define the budget
  • Study wedding packages’ offers
  • Think of the format of the ceremony
  • Search for potential locations
  • Define the rough theme, design, and colour of the wedding
  • Make a list of suppliers: catering, florist, photographer, makeup and hair, host, lighting, music, the wedding cake and sweets or any others. Check the reviews for each and mark your favourites.

9-8 months before the wedding

  • Make the guestlist 
  • Think of the design of invitations
  • Booking time: the venue, music bands or DJs, florists and decorators, all providers for services should save the date for you. Do not forget about the honeymoon and the necessary documentation for it!
  • Order a cake
  • Think of extra equipment required and search for solutions
  • Shop for a wedding dress

7-6 months before the wedding

  • Order wedding bands. Let the story of faith, tender and love embody in your rings, and you have time to find the perfect ones or design the unique bands made just for you.
  • Prepare and send the invitations
  • Plan hen and stag parties
  • Consider involving any helpers from your talented relatives or friends
  • Contact the wedding official – priest or registry office
  • Choose bridesmaid and best man

5-4 months before the wedding

  • Discuss the details with the decorator and florist 
  • Make the playlist for the ceremony and the party
  • Make a photoshoot of your love story and prepare pictures if to be used during the wedding
  • Schedule rehearsals for your wedding dance 
  • Prepare dresses for bridesmaids and order the suits
  • Book the transport if necessary

3-2 months before the wedding

  • Confirm everything – the venue, the menu, photographer, music and the rest
  • Choose a wedding coordinator for the day
  • The final decision and fitting the dress
  • Rehearsal for the makeup and hair 
  • Choose and order compliments for the guests 
  • Arrange the seating of the guests and prepare place cards
  • Write your vows 

1 month before the wedding

  • Pack for the honeymoon 
  • Have a rehearsal of the wedding 
  • Pay your vendors in  full
  • Confirm the guests from overseas will come and make sure the accommodation and transport are settled
  • Ultimate checkings and confirmations
  • Relax and have fun at the hen/stag party

Night before the wedding

  • Have a good rest
  • Spend a wonderful time together with your partner
  • Be sure that the day will be the marvelous first page of your mutual family book
  • Be positive, though think of any emergency that may happen and prepare an emergency kit that will help.

Day of the wedding

Thorough planning resulted in a fairy like ceremony and party, so the advice for this day would be simple:

  • Try to take a minute or two to spend with every guests that arrived
  • Enjoy every second of being a bride and groom

As you can see, planning a wedding checklist is not as complex and challenging as it may seem, no matter how good you are at planning. With our checklist for weddings, you will feel like a pro and keep in mind all things to organize for a wedding. Planning a wedding checklist is half of the job: perfect preparation eases the stress and adds pleasure to this overwhelming time.

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