Wedding ceremony ideas that you can consider

Wedding ceremony ideas that you can consider

During weddings, we used to witness an obligatory ceremony followed by a fun-filled reception. However, who says the reception is only part of your wedding to have fun? Well, there are no reasons for not making your wedding ceremony as fun-filled and full of rituals as your reception.

Instead, there are various non-traditional wedding ideas you can consider making your wedding day more meaningful, incentive, and enjoyable. Knowing these amazing ideas wedding ceremony can become a more memorable event to enjoy.

Most amazing wedding ceremony ideas you must know

Don't you know how to personalize your wedding ceremony? Or do you want to know more extraordinary suggestions from vows to cocktails and the final applause to have more fun? We have got your back! It is because here we have brought some of the most amazing wedding ceremony ideas that you must consider.

So, here we go:

Write your own vows

Arguably, the best wedding vows are the ones that you yourself have written for your partner. It is because this can be an opportunity to add cute, lovely, and yet sincere and genuine declarations of your love. These will touch the heart of your partner and make them feel emotional.

  • When it comes to writing your own vows, it's highly recommended getting it started earlier.
  • Enough time will give you opportunity to revise your thoughts.
  • That is an amazing opportunity to find out how you feel about your better half.

It is always better to write these vows on paper. So, you can easily read them even if you get a bit emotional during your wedding ceremony.

Put a spotlight on your ring bearer

Let your cute ring bearer carry your rings on something pretty and unique. It is because exchanging bands is one of the most awaited parts of your ceremony. So, sharing a spotlight with your ring bearer for a while is worth considering. Instead of simply putting the rings on a pillow, you can put the rings on a remote-controlled car with your wedding rings inside.

However, if you have something else more unique on mind, you have the freedom to choose whatever suits your personality more.

Be creative with your wedding venue layout

It can be a more practical idea to consider, especially for an outdoor wedding ceremony. It is because it  can offer you more elements for being creative with your venue layout. So, simply choose a wedding venue according to what you have visualized about your big day's celebration. Then consider how you can be more creative, decide the wedding venue layout accordingly, and make your guests wow.

For your processional march, go with your favorite and intimate song

Most females want to walk down the aisle when a chorus is being played on a piano. However, you can set this casual bridal march as something more meaningful by playing an intimate love song that's close to the heart of you and your loved one.

  • Choose a song that's something for both of you and play that when you are walking down the aisle to speak to you and your relationship.
  • Walking down the aisle will become more meaningful and lovely for you.

It would help if you also prepared a line-up in this regard to keep the mood at its best in a more effective way.

Tying the knot for Together Forever

Tying the knot after reading your beautifully written vows as well as symbolic wedding rings is one of the amazing yet non-traditional ceremony ideas that some couples perform during their wedding rituals. Usually, a ribbon or a fisherman's rope is used for this ritual.

However, tying knots together as a couple is meant to signify your everlasting relationship with your spouse. So, adding this wedding ritual can definitely be a great idea in this regard.

Jumping a broom for timeless love

As this is one of the most non-traditional wedding ideas, so this might seem odd for some people. However, newlywed couples perform this ritual, especially in the United States, to greet their married lives happily. For this ceremony, a broom is placed flat on the ground. You and your partner together will jump that broom at the end of the wedding ceremony.

Well, this wedding ritual in the US has been carried out since the 19th century. Traditionally, it is influenced by African culture.

Plant a tree together

Planting a tree together with your spouse is another uncommon wedding ritual performed by couples after reading their fervent vows. Well, the tree planted by the couple on a pot will represent your relationship with your spouse. At the same time, the roots of the plant will signify the attachment and love you have with each other.

In other words, it represents the phrase "Grow old together."

Light up a unity candle

Well, to keep the fire burning, you can consider adding light of a unity candle together with your spouse. To administer this enjoyable ritual, mothers of both bride and groom will place a candle beside an unlighted pillar candle. Once you have completed saying your genuine vows, you with your spouse have to light up that candle.

Well, lighting this unity candle together will represent your obligation towards your partner.

Break the glass

So, here we have another one of the most amazing wedding ceremony ideas that represent forevermore. Well, this is a Jewish wedding ceremony ritual in which you will break a glass covered in a cloth with your spouse.

This represents a lifelong marriage with your love partner. However, always remember the fact that the groom will step on the glass first with one foot, and then the bride will step on the glass as well once the ceremony has completed.

Final Remarks:

Overall, there are various things that you can consider making your wedding completely of your unique style. However, the above-mentioned ones are some simple ideas wedding ceremony can become more enjoyable with. So, you can simply consider these to have more fun.

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