Top Engagement Ring Trends and Styles to Expect in 2019

Top Engagement Ring Trends and Styles to Expect in 2019

Follow these trends to remain trendy for this year and the years to come because good fashion never goes out.

During the last few years, we have seen a meteoric rise in the number of brides-to-be showing interest in the selection of their wedding rings. The interest of brides in their engagement rings has meant that we’re seeing a lot of variety and interest coming from the people who matter. While most men would wear whatever is thrown their way, women are more particular when it comes to choosing their desired wedding ring. 

In a bid to assist these amazing brides-to-be in the selection of engagement rings during 2019, we have come up with a list of different, exciting trends you can expect in 2019. The year is bound to make a lot of waves as far as fashion is concerned, so now is the time to change your definition of a perfect ideal ring, and bring it on track with the current and expected trends in the world of fashion. 

Follow these trends to remain trendy for this year and the years to come because good fashion never goes out.

Everything Goes

Oh, diamonds! They’re unique, exclusive and what not. But, a perfect engagement ring doesn’t have to be centered around diamonds anymore. Leading fashion moguls believe that brides are making a shift towards engagement rings centered on more unconventional stones, such as marquise, trillion and pear shapes. These stones weren’t considered conventional, but with the interest being shown in them, there is immense potential for them this year. 

It is interesting to note here that brides aren’t just pulling away from the traditional cuts; they are making their own traditions.

It is good to follow the fashion and design the ring, which underlain your nature and your personality. Today, the most modern types are colored stones on vintage ring shafts are making the headlines here because of their perfect amalgam of the best of both worlds; traditional and contemporary. 


We sit at a time in history, where women don’t mind expressing themselves and looking for ways to help them in doing so. Women have become expressive with their style choices, and are going for mixes and matches. Brides in the current world are bold and have the confidence it takes to show their persona on their big day. 

Women today want their rings to be a reflection of themselves. The ring needs to resonate with the persona of the wearer and should be unique to the wearer. The person wearing it should know that their choice is customized to their preferences.

Changing Ring Styles

If you think you’re stuck with the same ring style for life, then you couldn’t have been more wrong. Ring styles can be changed, and couples are doing that currently. Renowned jewelers from across the United States have mentioned how they have a lot of couples come to them currently, asking for their rings to be reshaped on their 10th anniversary or for any other occasion. 

So, brides are planning to make rings that can look perfect in different combinations.

Unique Stone Shapes

As we mentioned above, there is a growing drive among women to innovate their ring and make it a reflection of their personalities. What this has meant is that we have many women looking to wear rings that have unique stone shapes and odd color combinations. 

Rings with unique stone shapes to them have a distinct appeal that can stay for eternity. Brides have already started showing an inclination towards unique stone shapes, as jewelers in 2018 saw a lot of such requests come their way. These unique stones are unexpected and carry an appeal that stands through the toughness of time. A unique stone retains its beauty and attraction for the time to come.

Pear Shaped Stones

As part of the trend towards peculiar stone shapes, women are also experimenting with pear-shaped stones. These stones go perfectly well with a solitaire engagement ring and accentuate the beauty and purpose of the ring. 

This new trend has gained traction during the start of 2019 and is expected to remain intact for the months to come. A solitaire ring setting with a pear-shaped stone is the most preferred combination for women looking to step out of the ordinary.

Trillion Cuts

The rise in popularity of trillion cut diamonds goes to prove just how brides of today are willing to experiment with trends that women in the past have shied away from. Trillion cut diamonds, for those who aren’t aware of them, are basically triangular in shape and extremely shiny. They are highly faceted and attract the eye with their amazing shine. 

Their popularity has been received well by brides-to-be who crave a geometric look for their stone but don’t want to be drawn towards the option of emerald cuts or Asscher cuts.

East-West Styles

The amalgam of east-west ring style has long been the talking point within jewelers. However, this trend is said to finally become popular this year. The mix of east-west styles is gaining traction in brides because of the natural ability of the combinations to fit on your hands. The traditional north-south setting has its own perks, but the shaft isn’t the most comfortable for a bride-to-be. 

This, again, goes to prove how brides are stepping out of conventional ideas of a good engagement ring, and are trying out styles that are new and trendy. 

The horizontal arrangements of the east-west style make it comfortable to wear and walk around with. These are characteristics you usually want and expect from your engagement ring.

Hexagonal Cuts

Part of the increasing popularity towards geometric cuts, hexagonal cuts feel strong, iconic, modern and trendy. To imagine a hexagonal cut, you just need to think of a traditional, classic round diamond, only with a twist to it. The classical edge with a shiny upper surface makes these cuts incredibly fresh and amazing. 

The hexagonal cut is a part of the trend towards mixing the old with the new. Geometric cuts have brought to like the beauty and exuberance in the center stone, and have redefined the way we look at engagement rings.

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