Things You Probably Did Not Know About Engagement Rings

Things You Probably Did Not Know About Engagement Rings

You probably do know where to get an engagement from, but it is equally important to know the statistics and the history associated with the art of giving engagement rings to your loved ones. Here we shed some light on it, and add to your knowledge through a list of things that you probably didn’t know about engagement rings.

Ancient Egyptian Era

The art or practice of giving engagement rings to your beloved ones started during the Ancient Egyptian period. The practice kicked off as a sign of matrimonial distinction, and became widespread across the world. Ancient Egyptians would place the ring on the fourth finger of their left hand, as it was believed in their late culture that the fourth finger on the left hand has a vein that leads straight to the heart. Many people still wear their rings on the fourth finger of the left hand, as it stays true to the tradition of wearing engagement rings.

Financial Commitment

While engagement rings have transitioned a lot over time, and are now taken as a symbol of love and prosperity, they were previously taken as symbols of financial commitment in couples. Men would only give an engagement ring to their women, as a means to signify that they had the financial strength to support and look after them financially. The engagement ring was, hence, given a bag full of gold coins to reinforce the promise of financial security and prowess that giving the ring meant.

What to Spend?

Some older and traditional conventions state that men should buy an engagement ring that costs roughly around the sum of their three month’s salary. The figure was drafted after calculations of the net spend towards an engagement ring, and the value it carries in gratifying your love.

However, the trend of spending exuberantly on engagement rings has gone down a bit off late. It was recently revealed through research that most people tend to spend only around their 3 weeks’ salary on an engagement ring.

Purchasing Time and Period

Looking for the perfect engagement ring can often be a hassle, and might require a lot of physical and emotional searching. You need to find something that is within your monetary range, and what both of you can feel a genuine connection with. Many couples go through this hassle, so you aren’t alone in your struggle.

It is believed that an average guy spends around one to three months finding the perfect ring for their bride-to-be. The time is spent choosing the perfect item within their monetary range, and customizing the ring to their description. The ultimate goal is to have an engagement ring that amplifies their love and that can evoke similar feelings in their partner.When it comes to the most popular period for getting engaged, December wins hands down. It is believed that almost 20 percent couples would love to tie the knot in the festive season and choose the day of Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day, among many others to pop the question in front of their significant other.

The festivities of the occasion add to the joy of this question, and make it easier for you to go about the job at hand.

Popular Rings

The most popular ring type for customers is a round with a diamond on the top. Couples obviously want to go for options they are most comfortable with, which is why the objective preferences can vary from case to case. The princess cut closely follows the round cut to rank second in the order for the most preferred engagement designs. Most women prefer the princess cut, because of how prominently it makes the diamond stand out. Platinum and white gold are the most preferred when it comes to the stone on the ring.

Choosing Together

Gone are the days when men would buy engagement rings themselves. There is more inclusivity and unity required for the decision, which is why both the individuals need to have their say. It is currently believed that around 60 percent of the brides want to be part of the process for selecting their engagement rings. Interestingly, only 3 percent said they would want to buy the ring exclusively, without the opinion of their men. So, the greater consensus is that women want to be part of the decision making process, but don’t want to be the only ones pulling the strings. They want their significant others to also have their say at the quality of the cut and the stone on it.

The Ring’s Role

More than 30 percent women have confessed to turning down a proposal if they don’t like the ring they’re getting. This might sound like an extreme decision right now, but considering the pivotal role that the engagement ring plays, it is only wise to back off rather than wear something you’re not comfortable with the rest of your life. The ring should be perfectly aligned with the tastes of the couple, and should be made according to their preferences.

World’s Most Expensive Ring

Famous hotel heiress and model Paris Hilton was once gifted one of the world’s most expensive proposal engagement rings. The ring was valued at a staggering $4.7 million. However, not even the value of the item could keep the two together, as Paris and her ex fiancé, also named Paris, have since parted ways. The ring had an emerald cut and came with a massive 24 carats centerpiece. The centerpiece accentuated the curve of the ring, and made it look extremely beautiful.

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