Is Hand Sanitizer Bad for Your Engagement Rings?

Is Hand Sanitizer Bad for Your Engagement Rings?

A few years ago, no one could have guessed we’d be living in a world of pandemic. Harsh restrictions, quarantine zones, vaccination certificates - the society had to adapt to new realities.

Some companies switched to remote mode while others enforced strict hygiene policy. Hand sanitisers became indispensable carry-on items. Naturally, our customers started to wonder: are cleaning agents friendly to engagement diamond rings?

While antiseptics do kill bacteria and viruses, they also pose a threat to your treasured jewellery. Aggressive pump, scour and wash can ruin a setting of a ring by loosening its claws. Plus, disinfecting agents contain such substances as bleach, rubbing alcohol and chlorine which damage gemstones, diamonds and precious metals. Of course, direct contact with a hand sanitiser won’t ruin your ring in an instance but it will speed up the wear and tarnishing. 

Which Sanitizers to Buy to Protect Your Rings?

Different chemicals dull the shine of gems. Once it’s done, it’s practically impossible to restore the initial condition. Therefore, it’s crucial to know which type of sanitiser isn’t harmful to jewellery. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers will have a negligible effect on rings, as they target germs. Non-alcohol-based hand sanitisers, on the other hand, should be avoided because of the release of reactive free chlorine. This component steals the sparkle and eats up the ring's metal layer.

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Which Metals Are Less Susceptible to Chemicals?

Yellow gold takes first place since it doesn’t have a layer to be tarnished.  Platinum is the second moderately safe option. White gold, on the contrary, is the one likely to be damaged because of its rhodium plating.  Rose gold and sterling silver should be treated cautiously if you want to preserve natural brightness for years to come. Components in sanitisers react with copper elements responsible for the original shade. 

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Engagement Rings

In times of corona, staying healthy is a priority. Thus, we don’t recommend that you stop utilising hand disinfectants. Instead, we offer you several ways to maintain hygiene without jeopardizing your jewellery:  

  • Avoid applying hand sanitizer or other disinfecting products straight onto your ring. If possible, remove it, rub liquid onto your hands, let them dry, and then put it back on. 
  • Choose the right product. The World Health Organisation confirms a sanitiser with 60% of alcohol content or more is the most efficient. Try the 60% sanitiser to minimise harm. 
  • Consider wearing rubber gloves for domestic chores.  
  • Eliminate excessive exposure to sanitizers by using soap. 
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Make Diamonds Glitter on Your Finger

You can both keep your ring clean and protect its lustrous look. Resort to good old methods, i.e. soak your ring in warm water and dishwashing soap twice a week. 

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