GS Diamonds Introduces Three Men’s Diamond Engagement Ring Collections to Celebrate Marriage Equality.

GS Diamonds Introduces Three Men’s Diamond Engagement Ring Collections to Celebrate Marriage Equality.

GS Diamonds are proud to be one of the few companies that were always passionate about showing support for LGBTQ+ community. Here we believe that love should always be outspoken and celebrated, so we could think of no better way to embody the values we hold most dear in a modern design that can remind of the true and profound meaning of love.

This year, same as for over 35 years of its history, GS Diamonds selects only the remarkable designs - an impeccable art and ideas that are truly miraculous. Launching our first men’s diamond engagement rings collections, we set our new level of diamond excellence by picking only the superlative ethically sourced stones. 

Our designers and gemologists searched for shapes that can accompany the modern, organic and dynamic forms of the new designs. Pure as daylight, dazzling diamonds mounted in a precious 18ct gold ring are meant to never be forgotten.

The initial launch features Signet, Unity and Heirloom collections.

Refined Signet rings with graceful proportions and fluid organic forms as a delicate, yet strikingly bold, metaphor for the power of love. Its versatile and rather unisex design features a single diamond in a bezel set and beautifully curved gold band.

Unity is the ultimate expression of organic design. Smooth and natural shapes that hold the centre stone in a perfect balance of form and proportions. Noble and astonishingly beautiful design that may leave your chosen one speechless.

Heirloom revises a classic style with powerful contours. An exquisite contemporary profile with a striking centre diamond - a style that can be passed from one generation to another.

The aesthetic of the collections is inspired by a modern and pure gender-neutral allure that makes each design irresistible. A combination of distinct, flowing contours and stones dares to reflect a transformed role of diamonds in jewellery fashion, paving the way for new traditions for the LGBTQ+ community in celebration of love in all of its manifestations. Because love always wins.

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