What Is a Good Size Diamond for an Engagement Ring

What Is a Good Size Diamond for an Engagement Ring

Hunting for an ideal engagement ring? There are many factors to consider before the actual purchase. One should pick a type of metal (shiny pure gold, eternal platinum, or tender rose gold), a setting style (in which a stone is going to be mounted), and size - all to attract gazes of admirers and win over a lady's heart.

Hunting for an ideal engagement ring? There are many factors to consider before the actual purchase. One should pick a type of metal (shiny pure gold, eternal platinum, or tender rose gold), a setting style (in which a stone is going to be mounted), and size - all to attract gazes of admirers and win over a lady's heart. When we think of a size fitting for a future proposal, the picture of a weighty glittering diamond immediately pops into our heads. We have seen it in Hollywood blockbusters, romantic novels, and T.V. programs. The very first question asked by our friends is: how many carats? Nevertheless, is the equation that simple: the bigger, the better? This image has been so deeply embedded into our conscience that we often neglect other options on the market. Size matters- true, but it is not something you are to put first. A perfect ring should be noticeable but not overpowering. It should uniquely accentuate lady's beauty and be relative to her style, hand size, etc.Before selecting an engagement ring, you should first imagine the actual diamond size on a finger. Maybe your beloved has dreamt of a 2.0 CT diamond ring her entire life but will it underline her allure? We assure you, there is a gemstone match for everyone; it just needs to be found. Therefore, we have written down some guidelines to make your shopping a piece of cake.

How is diamond size measured?

To find the right stone size, one must understand how it is measured. We determine a diamond's size by both its dimension in millimeters and weight in carats. Thus, weight is not a single indicator. We should only assess it in connection with cut and shape. Below we will show you the common carat sizes on fingers and popular diamond cuts.

Why leave carats for the last moment?

Engagement rings can be pricey. There is a common myth that you have to work for three months to allow yourself one. In reality, more enticing and less expensive assortments are presented for smaller budgets and savvy savers. Many customers overlook those good offers because they've spent all their money on diamond carats.The minimal cost of a basic setting is around 250$, a pave or halo setting boosts that number to $1,000. More florid ornaments and side gemstones increase the price too. Therefore, we recommend that you start with the overall design, then select cut, clarity, and colour. Should you have some money left, you can invest in size.

Tips to Find the Best Diamond Carat Size:

  • Take into account finger size

A 1.0 CT centre stone will look wildly different on small and large fingers. Cuts like marquise, oval, emerald, or pear can lengthen fingers visually. On the contrary, a standard round cut will make long fingers appear shorter.

  • Examine the market

If you are unsure about your partner's preferences and don't want to risk the big decision, it is better to go for a universal size. The average engagement ring size varies across the globe. It constitutes 0.6 CT in the U.K., 0.9 CT in the USA, 0.5 CT in Europe. The most desired сarat size on a finger in Australia is 1.0. According to our survey, the most frequently bought carat sizes in 2021 are 1.25, 1.0, and 1.5.

  • Bear in mind shank width

Every diamond will look bigger with a thinner shank(like a cathedral or tapered one) since it gives prominence to the main stone, highlights its brightness, and makes it daintier. On the contrary, a thicker shank will make a gemstone of the same size appear much smaller. To make a diamond look gigantic, go for a range from 1.8mm to around 2.2mm. Last but not least, mark the finger size as well. A bulkier shank won't look good on a smaller finger but is an excellent choice for an average-sized or larger finger.

  •  Consider a lifestyle

Does your partner lead a vibrant or a sedentary lifestyle? A smaller main stone is an apt pick for someone who fancies active or creative hobbies (various sports, dancing, drawing, etc.).Does your better half wear any other jewellery? If she does, she might favour a bigger diamond. Another accessory will complement her fashion look.

  •  Manage your budget

Don't worry if you have a smaller budget; it won't necessarily limit your carat weight. At our company, we value individual approaches and ensure that each customer gets the highest quality for any budget, large or small. Furthermore, you can design your ring with the help of our jewellery expert.In general, diamond prices are determined by such characteristics: Cut, Clarity, Colour, Shape, and Carats. If you're interested in acquiring the largest diamond, you can make sacrifices in the former. It is a solid solution since faults in the clarity or colour of diamonds are primarily undetectable by the human eye. Regarding the shape, one can save up by selecting something other than round. Round diamonds are in high demand, and it pushes their price to rise.What prices to expect?Diamonds under 0.50 CT are sold for under $1,000.They embody minimalist style and are a top choice for conservatives.  Half-carat diamonds are the golden mean of engagement rings. They don't look too hefty on fingers and modestly reflect lady's charm.One-carat diamonds are the most sought-after products, and their prices start at $4,500. You can stretch your dollar by selecting a fancy shape.At 1.50 CT, diamonds certainly stand out. They are the desired pick for expressive and artistic souls. A well-cut round diamond runs about $9,000.Lab-grown diamonds are a viable alternative for those who love precious gemstones but don't tolerate exorbitant price tags or environmental abuses. These diamonds are 100% identical to traditional ones and cost up to 40% less. If you don't want to compromise your preferred stone size, you may also opt for a diamond hybrid. 

  • Check out side and accent gemstones

Side and accent gemstones can influence size perception as well. They make a smaller carat diamond appear larger, intensify colour and personalize a ring. Accent gemstones are similar to make-up because they draw attention to main features and cast opulent elegance.

  • Dimension

Deep cuts provide extreme radiance and excellent light reflection. However, the weight is centered in the pavilion, and a diamond appears smaller.  Shallow cuts make diamonds look larger. The downside is: they don't reflect light well and dull brilliance. 

  • Keep in mind: you always have a fallback position

One of the most remarkable characteristics of jewellery is versatility. If your special one is not over the moon, our expert can add side stones, change centre stone or repurpose a ring at any time. In fact, many people "modernize" their rings later in life to celebrate their marriage. They believe transforming the jewellery into something new symbolizes the never-dying love. After all, it is not the gift that matters; it's the meaning behind it.

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