Engagement Rings Expectation vs. Reality

Engagement Rings Expectation vs. Reality

So, here we look at some of the most common expectations with the engagement, and the reality that often transpires.

Regardless of your gender or your sexual orientation, an engagement ring Sydney purchase is something that is bound to get you excited and hyped up for the occasion that is to come in your life. The ring might be small, but it marks the start of something new and interesting in your life.

Considering the pivotal role that it plays in our life, everyone has different expectations associated with the ring and the process that comes along with it. Marriage and engagement can come later, but what really matters in the moment is going for a ring that captures your feelings and fulfills the expectations you have.

While the best case scenario would involve the fulfillment of your expectations related to the ring, that surprisingly isn’t usually the case. High expectations often lead to disappointments, as the outcome can be a bit different to what you might have imagined it to be.

Being Surprised

We’ve all seen multiple videos of guys going on their knees and popping the question. There is always a wonderful element of surprise in the whole scenario, as the couples follow the proposal with a passionate kiss. This element of surprise is extremely necessary for making a proposal exciting and amazing. You need to ensure that your significant other has no question that you’re popping the question. Obviously, you need to be on the same page when it comes to marriage, to avoid any ugly circumstances of embarrassment, but other than you shouldn’t give any hints.

While what we mentioned above is the ideal scenario, the process of giving an engagement ring doesn’t always go that way. More often than not your partner will start giving inevitable signs that they are about to pop the question. They might start sweating, saying weird things, be preoccupied or what not, but you’ll get the hint that they aren’t present in the moment.

What’s required of you in such a situation is to carry on with the moment. Talk about something else for instance. Don’t point the cues to them and spoil the moment, let them take out the ring when they want to. Even if you want to make a point, do so after they have handed you the ring. Do not add to their pressure by bickering or going deep into their preoccupied state of mind.

A Human Fountain of Tears

Besides the glamour, love and all other aspects of a proposal, handing over the engagement ring has a lot of drama. The drama can touch, pinch and soothe your heart in ways unparalleled. This drama is a big part of a wedding proposal, and defines the event in its entirety.

Now, most imagine and expect their proposal to be done without tears or any other dramatic emotions involved. The ideal expectation is to wear the ring given to you, and hug or kiss your partner while embracing them. However, emotions can often have the better of us mere mortals, and we end up doing things we weren’t planning to.

A proposal can often go against expectations, when your partner does not know how to respond to you giving them the ring. Yeah, they do realize the value of the ring, and the inherent importance it possesses, but they are at a loss of emotions and words when it comes to giving their approval.

Imagine a proposal where the man is on their knees, with the ring in their hands. They are waiting for their partner to nod in approval, so they can put the ring on their hands. But, the partner chooses that moment to turn into a human fountain of tears and cry their heart out. The man waits on their knees, expecting an approval, but the partner is so engrossed in processing the situating and crying their eyes out that they fail to give their approval first.

The world of proposals and engagement rings isn’t perfect, but the true emotions involved make it ethereal. So, if your partner is crying and finding it hard to process the influx of love, get up from your knees and give them a hug. Bring them near you, whisper something in their ears, and slip in the ring within their finger, with their family. Such situations call for you to adapt, improvise and overcome.

Finding your Dream Ring

Most couples often go and find their engagement ring together. The usual expectations here are that they will end up identifying or locating their perfect engagement ring, positioned at a jewelry shop for them.

However, what transpires in reality is quite different than these expectations. When you look around for a ring, you’re made to go through different options and go through an arduous process involving a lot of checking and sifting.You might even have to get your ring custom made from a reputable jeweler, which can make the wait period extend further.

So, buying an engagement ring might be romanticized a bit, but it is in fact, just like another high profile purchase. You don’t want something that you wouldn’t like later down the line. So, jump into the real world and buy a ring you know you love, and don’t hate later down the line.

Letting the World Know

One of the best parts about getting an engagement ring is you can post about it online and tell your friends about your commitment plans. People have expectations when posting the news online, and expect thousands of likes and wishes.However, not every proposal or proposal gimmick goes viral, and chances are that yours wouldn’t, too. So, you’ll probably get plenty of well wishes and likes from your close family, friends and loved ones, but you might have to do a rain check about expecting the post to go viral.

The engagement ring plays a vital role in making or breaking your expectations. So, drop your worries, embrace the reality and build yourself the best engagement ring in the market.

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