Engagement Ring Cuts: A Buyer's Guide

Engagement Ring Cuts: A Buyer's Guide

Finding the perfect engagement ring that your partner will say “Yes” to is an exciting process with many choices to be made — including the engagement ring’s cut. With the veritable plethora of options for different engagement ring cuts, it’s all the more crucial to understand what each of them are and what they represent. 

This guide will provide an overview of the various types of engagement ring cuts from the classic round cut to more esoteric ones like the asscher and marquise cuts. Read on to find out how to decide which engagement ring cut is the right one for your beloved!

What is a diamond cut?

A diamond cut simply refers to the way it is cut during processing from a raw mineral form to achieve its signature shine. The cutting process is specially performed by diamond cutting experts at precise angles to allow light to reflect brilliantly within the gemstone. 

Just like with the colour and clarity of a diamond, there are different grades for diamond cuts that range from excellent to poor. Our diamond cut guide outlines how these grades impact the value and quality of a diamond. 

Over years of research and testing, diamonds were cut into different shapes to try and achieve unique appearances and designs. These have since been refined into 9 engagement ring cuts, each with their own distinctive brilliance in the way they reflect light. 

Different engagement ring cuts & shapes

Round cut

The Round cut is the most timeless and classic diamond cut. Refined over decades of diamond research, the round engagement ring cut has set the standard for consistent brilliance and shine in diamonds gemstones all across the world. As a testament to its popularity, over 70% of all diamonds in the market have a round cut. 

Suited for: Individuals who want a traditional look that will always look stunning on any hand, as well as those looking for maximum sparkle in their diamond. 

Pear shaped

Also known as the teardrop cut, pear shaped diamond feature an asymmetrical shape that is expand out from a point at the top to a curved bottom. This engagement ring cut shares a similar level of brilliance to the round cut in its bottom half, while adding an element of uniqueness in terms of outline. 

Suited for: An eye-catching appearance that doesn’t stray too far from the time-tested brilliance of round cuts. 

Princess cut

The princess cut is inspired by the French cut, sharing its boxy and parallel line in a square-shaped outline. It’s elegance and almost regal presentation make it a popular choice for an engagement ring cut, while its internal step cut design creates an impressive illusion of depth and shine. 

Suited for: Those seeking a contemporary diamond design that doesn’t sacrifice brilliance for uniqueness of shape. 

Cushion cut

Cushion cuts are one of the earliest types of fancy diamond cuts, designed to reflect the light in subtle ways rather than focusing on maximising brilliance. The result is a pillow-shaped stone that is internally beautiful, featuring broad facets that mirror light rather than disperse it. 

Suited for: A softer diamond appearance that is more visible in its entirety, creating a balanced look that is both feminine and striking. 

Oval cut

Featuring 58 facets, the oval cut is the “bigger” sibling of the round cut diamond — its elongated curves create the impression of size, even at the same carat weight. It is a bold choice of engagement ring cut that complements hands with longer fingers and offers great value in terms of brilliance. 

Suited for: Those who favour elegance over tradition, with a focus on boldness in how they wear their jewellery. 

Asscher cut

Reminiscent of the retro styles and art deco designs, the asscher cut was first popularised in the 1920s, but is since seeing a resurgence in demand owing to fashion trends. It features bold symmetrical lines that border a smaller table, giving it a prominent sparkle and shine that naturally catches the eye. 

Suited for: Individuals who want to sport a more mature look that emphasises on sophistication and class over a pure dazzle factor. 

Radiant cut

Radiant cuts are a combination of the boxy silhouette of square-cut diamonds and the inner brilliance of a round cut diamond. True to its name, it can achieve a stunning level of scintillation (light flashes) under most lighting situations, making it an extremely sought after engagement ring cut, especially for those looking to for a ring that “wows”. 

Suited for: Those who want an engagement ring that shine and sparkles with ease, even in low-light conditions. 

Marquise cut

With the largest surface area of any engagement ring cut, the marquise takes the oval cut’s elongated outline even further, up to a vivid point on each end. This sharper appearance gives the marquise cut a more edgy feel while retaining a great brilliance that makes it such a trendy choice. 

Suited for: Creating a flattering appearance for hands with longer fingers. 

Heart shaped

While some may find it too on the nose, heart shaped cuts are a sweet choice for an engagement ring cut. Since the outline of this cut is its biggest draw factor, it usually works best with large diamond sizes for the shape to be clearly seen. 

Suited for: Couples that don’t mind the cuteness that this cut brings into an engagement ring. 

How to choose the right engagement ring cut for your partner

Rather than deliberating on which engagement ring cut is the “best”, we recommend that buyers think about which cuts would suit their partner’s personal style or personality. 

For example, classic cuts like round or oval diamonds are better suited for partners that favour simplicity and elegance over more complex cuts. Conversely, partners that love modern or avant-garde styles are more likely to appreciate the novelty of unconventional cuts like the asscher cut or the marquise cut. 

At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong answers when it comes to choosing the right engagement ring cut — it comes down to how well you know your partner, and how you want to express your feelings and commitment to them. If you need any other help with finding a quality diamond in your preferred cut, simple browse our online store to view our extensive collection engagement ring diamonds!

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