Сertified Diamonds VS Non-Certified: Diamond Certificate

Сertified Diamonds VS Non-Certified: Diamond Certificate

If you find yourself reading this article, it is likely because you have recently purchased or are considering purchasing diamonds while desiring a comprehensive understanding of your investment.

However, are you familiar with the terms "certified" and "uncertified" diamonds? For those new to the world of diamond procurement, it is essential to comprehend the distinctions between these two categories and the factors that set them apart.

Certificated diamonds typically come with an accompanying certificate that serves as proof of their authenticity. These precious gems also undergo evaluation, verification, and validation by a reputable analyst who attests to their quality.

Difference between certified and uncertified diamonds


Both certified and uncertified diamonds carry a significant price tag. Certified diamonds, however, tend to be more expensive due to the endorsement of their authenticity by an analyst or gemologist.

It's important to note that lower-priced uncertified diamonds do not necessarily equate to inferior quality. However, it is largely difficult to ascertain quality without 

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Checking for credentials is the universally accepted way to determine the quality of diamonds. 

Only an experienced analyst can ascertain the quality of certified diamonds. With a certificate, jewellers do not need to convince you of the quality of a certified diamond, making their selling process easier. 

However, the lack of certification of a diamond does not negate its existing quality; it only leaves room for doubt to the inexperienced eye.

Best Diamond Certification

There are different types of diamond certifications, and some are better than others. Each of these certifications has its grading methods, and some are more rigorous than others. But any certification beats no certificate as far as verifying diamonds go.

If you want to buy certified diamond rings, consider looking for credentials from the two bodies with the most rigorous grading processes ― GIA and IGI, for example. 

Here is a brief review of some of these diamond certification bodies.


GIA stands for the Gemological Institute of America. They are the most renowned and consistent diamond grading group in America. GIA has the most rigorous grading process, and if they certify your diamond, you got a good one then. 

Unlike some other diamond grading bodies, GIA has no stake in the proceeds from the diamond sale. The institute checks for a long list of qualities, including cut grade, colour grade, and clarity grade. Finally, GIA’s reputation and consistency make it an easy choice when picking certifications.



IGI stands for International Gemological Institute, and it one of the world's leading organizations for the grading and certification of diamonds - with their niche being leaders in Lab Grown Diamond grading. 


The Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL) is also another excellent diamond certification agency. GCAL caters mainly to people who want a more affordable option to the GIA and IGI. A diamond certificate from GCAL may not be the gold standard for jewel certification, but it is definitely better than nothing.


The European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) is not the first stop for people seeking to certify their diamond gems because of the following reasons:

  • They are known to falsify quality claims. 
  • They tend to hike the price of sub-par diamonds. 
  • EGL certification is not acceptable in various circles.

In conclusion, you are better off buying a low-grade diamond that GIA has tested than getting a ‘premium’ one backed by EGL.

Final words

We invite you to browse through our online catalogue and explore our selection of premium diamonds and rings. Our experienced consultants are readily available to assist you in making the best choice, no matter your budget.


Before making a diamond purchase, it is advisable to request a diamond certificate in order to assess the value of the stone. Although these certifications may increase the overall cost of the diamond, it is recommended to invest the additional funds. This ensures peace of mind knowing that you have purchased high-quality diamonds that have been certified by professionals.


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