Amazing new places where are diamonds found

Amazing new places where are diamonds found

This year, a new ship is launched, designed in such a way as to clear the bottom of the sea twice as fast as previous models. And Namibia is not the only place where underwater crater of diamonds is on the rise. Underwater mining of precious metals is increasing in Papua New Guinea, and the same thing is happening in Japan.

Obviously, the extraction of diamonds underwater is very different from the work on the land. To carry out work requires a minimum number of employees. Most of the technology is automated. Each followed course has a 280-ton engineering arm that moves along a flat arc and deepens, reaching the bottom by 120 measures. This material is delivered on board and sieved at an onboard treatment plant.

All precious stones are sorted out, and the source material is passed to the sea. Robots pack minerals in steel boxes, which are addressed to the territory by helicopter. No one affects diamonds during the mining process, and ships can operate 24/7.

It would seem that the extraction of diamonds underwater is a complex and very expensive process. But as experts say, it is worth all the effort. According to De Beers, 95% of diamonds mined from the sea have “gem quality”, unlike the 40-50 percent figure applicable to onshore minerals.

Why are water diamonds better? According to aquatic experts, this is why minerals that transferred the ocean went through a method with high pressure, nearly like doing united in a giant glass with precious stones, and only the most top-quality samples remained the trip, and the rest were mostly ground into rock dust.

Contemporary Australian diamond mining

Speaking of Australian diamond mining, we mean, of course, the leading Argyle diamond pipe, which presented the world with many remarkable lots.

The Argyle diamond pipe goes two kilometres in-depth and has a width of about 500 m. The extension is currently moving on fifty hectares of the largest original diamond deposit.

This crater of diamonds has the greatest reserves in the globe. Only about 5% of diamonds mined here can be employed in the jewellery industry, and the rest is used for industrial purposes. At the same time, the Argyle tube is the primary source of rare pink diamonds.

Experts believe that the total supply of Australian diamonds to a depth of 300 m can be 442 million carats, which means that the Argyle pipe is not in danger of depletion in the near future. In any case, our faithful experienced jewellers will always find you gorgeous mined diamonds.

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