6 Engagement Ring Trends to Watch in 2024

6 Engagement Ring Trends to Watch in 2024

Whether you’ve just started looking at engagement rings for your partner, or you’ve been adding to your Pinterest board for the last few years hoping your partner will take the hint, you’ll know that finding the right engagement ring is all about timing.

So, as we head kick off 2024, what better time to take a look at the latest engagement ring trends, the most popular styles of engagement rings, and what to look out for in the year ahead. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re narrowing down your search, here are six important engagement ring trends to look out for in 2024.


Table of Contents

  1. The growth of lab grown diamonds
  2. The rise of colourful gemstones
  3. Collaborative ring selection
  4. A return to classic & vintage styles
  5. Ethical, sustainable diamonds
  6. A return to classic yellow gold styles



The Growth of Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are the fastest growing segment in the engagement ring market. Lauded for their quality and affordability, lab grown diamonds offer the same visual appeal of natural diamonds for a fraction of the cost.

Over the past 12-months, the lab grown diamonds has enjoyed considerable growth as more retailers add them to their diamond range alongside natural, mined diamonds. 

So, then, what’s behind the growth of lab grown diamonds in engagement rings?

In truth, a lot of the success and growth in the lab grown market over the past year needs to be attributed to improved awareness. Where lab grown diamonds were once viewed in the same light as cubic zirconia (CZ) and moissanite, they are now viewed as a high-quality, ethical alternative to natural diamonds.

Over the next 12-months, expect to see this trend continue with more buyers considering lab grown vs. natural diamonds when it comes time to buy their engagement ring.

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The Rise of Colourful Gemstones 

In 2024, we expect to see the continued growth in popularity and demand for colourful gemstones in engagement rings.

So, what’s behind the growth of colourful gemstones and why will this engagement ring trend continue into 2024?

The popularity of colourful gemstones reflects the growing interest in creating a personalised and unique expression of love. As engagement ring buyers continue to seek out unique pieces, colourful gemstones offer a decidedly unique touch to any engagement ring setting.

Colourful gemstones aren’t a new trend. In fact, one of the most famous engagement rings in modern history, that of Princess Diana featured a striking 12-carat Ceylon sapphire stone surrounded by natural diamonds. If you’re seeking a unique, bold choice for your engagement ring – colourful gemstones are a worthy consideration to your engagement ring shortlist.


Collaborative Ring Selection

The way that couples choose their engagement ring has seen a considerable shift over the last decade – a trend that we are set to see continue in 2024.

While the tradition of presenting a ring during a surprise proposal is far from over, today, many couples are choosing a ‘dummy ring’ for the proposal before choosing the ring together. Today, between 70-75% of couples will choose their ring after the proposal in a collaborative approach that ensures the ring will be cherished and loved for years to come.

For traditionalists, the idea of choosing an engagement ring with their partner may signal the end to a bygone tradition. However, the contemporary collaborative approach to finding the right engagement ring emphasises equality in the decision-making process and is indicative of understanding and respect for each other’s preferences.

For those that have been privy to their partner's Pinterest board or advice from their partner's friends, surprising your partner with their dream engagement ring may be a bit more straightforward.


A Return to Classic & Vintage Styles

In 2024, expect to see classic and vintage style engagement rings return in a big way. Trends come and go – if you hold onto anything, it’s bound to come back into fashion at some point. So when it comes to buying an engagement ring, expect to see more buyers seeking out classic and vintage styles that mirror the aesthetics and fashion styles of years gone by. 

Vintage engagement rings capture a rich tapestry of design and fashion elements that pay homage to the past. From the classic styles of engagement rings that became synonymous with style in the 1960s and 1970s, to the art deco styles that capture the elegance of patterns and unique settings.

As we head into 2024, the consumer demand for vintage and classic style engagement rings continues its upward trend. For buyers, it’s not just about tapping into classic styles of yesteryear, it’s about finding a classic engagement ring that withstands the global fast fashion trends.

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Ethical, Sustainable Diamonds

When it comes to the most notable engagement ring trends to watch in 2024, ethical and conflict-free diamonds are at the top of the list.

In simple terms, ethically sourced diamonds are diamonds that have been mined and sourced from conflict-free regions and mines. Today, most of the diamonds sold through reputable retailers use conflict-free diamonds. Your jeweller should be able to confirm the origin of the diamonds and the region where they were sourced from.

For those seeking an ethical and sustainable option, it’s hard to go past lab-grown. Each carat of lab diamond saves 143 lbs (65kg) of CO2, 2,011 ounces (57 kg) of air pollution, and 250 tons (227 tonnes) of earth when compared to natural, mined diamonds.


A Return to Classic Yellow Gold Styles

In 2024, expect to see a return to classic gold engagement rings. With more options than ever before, buyers are showing a strong preference for classic, yellow-gold engagement rings.

Yellow gold engagement rings and jewellery enjoyed unrivalled popularity during the 1980s and 1990s. However, in the proceeding years, the popularity slowed as buyers enjoyed more choice from metals like White Gold, Rose Gold, and Platinum.

Today, yellow gold is back in a big way with buyers looking for a classic, vintage look that works with all skin tones. Yellow gold’s warm hue and timeless elegance provide a naturally charm that is driving its resurgence for those seeking a versatile and classic engagement ring.

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