How to choose the best diamond wedding bands for men and women

How to choose the best diamond wedding bands for men and women

Everyone wants to look stylish, fashionable, elegant, and at the same time, not like everyone else with their wedding bands. This common jewellery can truly highlight the individuality of the couple. Women have a lot of such «tools», but what should men do?

The history of men's wedding band: from the past to the present time

For a long time, there was a stereotype that the ring is a piece of exclusively female jewellery. Meanwhile, the first rings were created for men. In ancient times, jewellery made of bones or wood was worn by tribal leaders, hunters, and warriors. Women adorned themselves differently, believing that rings symbolised masculinity.

In Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome, the male ring played an important role. Pharaohs, nobles, priests wore the decoration. It was a symbol of power and wealth.

In the Middle Ages, men's rings acquired even more significant symbolism. At that time, it indicated that the owner belonged to a particular class. For example, a noble person could be identified by a luxurious adornment with huge gems; the archer — on three steel rings, which were protected from being cut by the bowstring; a shoemaker — on a thimble-ring.

With the development of jewellery, real masterpieces arise. Every man from a noble family had a signet ring.

What rings do modern men wear?

So how about diamond wedding bands? There are not so many varieties, but there are plenty to choose from. Moreover, considering that each type of jewellery can please with thousands of designs.

Wedding ring is a «talking» accessory, not just a beauty ring. Of course, the ring is not a measure of feelings, but most people prefer to wear an accessory that tells others about their marital status. An engagement ring can be broad or thin, have an unusual design, or be a remarkable example of a classic.

You can find models made of gold, platinum, or a combination of several metals. According to statistics, men prefer white gold diamond wedding band. Such a discreet accessory is suitable for any style of clothing, do not get bored over time, and therefore is the bestseller.

Modern designers and jewellers pay maximum attention to wedding bands. Strict models, reminiscent of diamond wedding bands, accessories with curved lines, full smooth «washers» — today it is not a problem to find beautiful rings. A variety of materials, textures, styles allows you to choose an accessory that meets your inner world.

Designer wedding rings will become a real talisman for your family. An experienced artisan can combine the value of the metal, the uniqueness of diamonds, and the depth of your love in jewellery.

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