7 Ways to Find Your Partner’s Ring Size Without Them Knowing

7 Ways to Find Your Partner’s Ring Size Without Them Knowing

So, you’ve finally decided to take that next big step, but you have one little problem. Just how big is your partner’s finger, and how on earth are you going to find out their ring size without them knowing?

There are so many aspects that come with picking the perfect engagement ring, and once you get the style, cut, and colour out of the way, the most important part is making sure it’s the right fit.

Fear not - you won’t have to give away the big surprise. We’ve got seven of the most effective methods that aren’t likely to raise suspicion, to help find out your partner’s ring size.

1. Get an existing ring measured for size

Let’s work smarter, not harder. The easiest (and least suspicious) way to find your partner’s ring size is to measure a ring they already have. If you know they have a ring that they love and wear often, chances are, it also fits them really well. It’s also a good indication of style if you're still wondering what cut or colour to make the engagement ring.

So next time they leave their favourite ring at home, run to your nearest jeweller, and they can measure it for you! If that’s not an option or you feel there won’t be enough time to do the dash, you can always measure it yourself. 

Don’t know how to measure ring size? It’s super easy, just measure the diameter with a ruler or measuring tape. Either way, this should give you a good size guide to go off when purchasing the engagement ring.

2. Gift another ring.. For another occasion

Couldn’t get your hands on their favourite ring? No problem, just get them another one! Tip number two is to get your partner’s ring size by purchasing a ring for them to see how it fits. This trick will take a bit of guessing - but will narrow down your options. 

If your partner’s finger is that size, great! You’ve got a good eye. However, if the ring doesn’t fit make sure you work out whether it needs to size up or down. You can even suggest that you both take it to a jeweller to get it resized - that way you will know the correct ring size with 100% certainty (you can thank us later).

This one is all well and good if you’re in the sort of relationship where you often buy each other gifts, but if this is a rare occurrence, it could give you away.


7 ways to measure ring size

3. Ask a friend or family member 

Asking a friend or family member to find your partner's ring size can be risky - but highly effective. First, you need to vet that friend or family member;anyone who can’t keep a secret is out of the question!

Ask your selected family member or friend if they know of your loved one’s ring size, if you’ve tried on rings before, or if they can take them on a shopping expedition!   

4. Get them to try on a friend’s ring

If you have ever noticed your partner admiring a friend's jewellery, don’t let that window go to waste. Encourage them to try it on, or let the friend in on the secret and have them suggest it. Be casual and calm, you don’t want to push it and give yourself away. If that works, it will give you a great idea of their ring size.

5. Measure their ring finger against your own

Still trying to figure out how to measure ring size in a way they won’t suspect? Try measuring their ring finger against your own. You can do this by getting up close and personal, try giving their hand a massage or play with their fingers. Line your hand up against their own and eyeball it. Now this is by no means the most accurate method, but if all else fails you will have a starting point after comparing their ring finger against your own.

6. Use string

A bit of a risky one - but it’s also possible to find out their ring size with a piece of string. Whether they’re a heavy sleeper or they won’t find it weird (they might), then grab a piece of string and measure their ring finger, marking where the string ends meets with a pen. If you can pull this off, you’ve got a very accurate measurement to give to your jeweller.

7. Consult an experienced jeweller

If you find yourself still asking how to find your partner’s ring size after trying to use all the tips above, then it may be time to consult a professional. An experienced jeweller will have the experience and knowledge to be able to guess their ring size from a picture alone. So stop panicking and put your faith in the professional. Engagement rings can be resized if needed, so it’s better to go bigger if you're really not sure, and then let the jeweller resize after you pop the big question.

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