5 Practical Tips on Buying or Designing a Diamond Ring

5 Practical Tips on Buying or Designing a Diamond Ring

Lifting such a serious, controversial topic, GS Diamonds decided to list the most valuable and important tips and suggestions on how to purchase or design your own diamond ring.

Choosing the Diamond Ring is the quite burdensome process, which requires a lot of efforts and additional information not just about 4 C’s of diamonds, however about the shape of your bride’s fingers, the most suitable style, which will reflect her character, etc.

The second thing which you should be confident with is whether are you ready to take the responsibility to design the Diamond Ring for her by yourself or it is possible just to buy one available in stock?

You can search for the designs for inspiration but you need to make sure that your final diamond ring will be the one most perfect for you.

1. You know what is better for you

Listening to others and asking them for suggestions might be useful for you not it does not always work. It is completely understood that you are entirely confused and unsure about what to buy.

Listen to others, consider their opinions but rely on your own judgment. Have a firm belief that you know what is better than you more than anyone else.

Start with searching for trending designs on the internet. Visit your favorite jewellery store. Have a look at the rings, judge yourself how the design looks. Try them how different rings look at your hand. Trust yourself and make decisions regarding what will be just perfect for the day.

Remember, your decision and your choice matter the most.

2. Understand which ring will be perfect for your hand

The ring will suit you or not depends highly upon the shape of your hand. So what you first need to consider? You need to understand the diamond shape of your hand that either your fingers are short and thicker or long and fine.

For short and thicker fingers, you need to look for some softer designs. What about a heart shape diamond or a stone with a brilliant shape? Both of these shapes will not only be the best but will make your hand look sophisticated and sensational.

If your fingers are long and fine then go for rings of elongated shape or rings with elongated shaped diamond. For your long fingers, just go for a marquise brilliant or a pear brilliant or an oval brilliant cut.

Hope this has made you much relieved. We have some more suggestions for you.

3. Search for a design that will look the same sensational 20 – 30 years later

Searching for the latest trending designs will guide you in looking for some more exceptional designs. But you must not look for the one that would suits you now but the one that would have the same impression 20 or 30 years later. You might be spending a huge amount and you would be keeping your ring all throughout your life.

Before making any purchase decision, just think about how easier it would be for you to maintain the ring. Not only the ring last for longer but the design needs to be long lasting as well. Search for the one made of the material that can last to the wear and tear and have no reasonable impact over this long period.

4. Search for Versatility

It is a matter of personal choice with what kinds of designs and materials you will be most comfortable with. You can consider a simple classic line, whatever you are going to decide, consider being versatile.

Always remember that there is a wide list of engagement diamond rings, each of which is peculiar and versatile, however, the most popular ones are Halo style ring, Solitaire Ring and Vintage Style Ring with a suitable type of settings (which is also extremely important) for each of it.

You can also go for wedding bands in case if the diamond ring will be heavier for you. Although you have complete rights to make the decision for your wedding ring on your own a simple and classic style will not only look more sophisticated and elegant but at the same time will allow more versatility with other engagement and wedding bands.

The right type of settings will make your ring look like a really “fine work”, however the suitability of it you can ask from our support team. The most well-known of it are Claw, Halo, Solitaire, Tension, Swiss Settings, which will make the ring shining brighter and look more extraordinary in your bride’s finger.

Then it will be easier for you to consider versatility in choice and designs.

5. A perfect Diamond Ring

Now, if you have decided that you will go for such a ring that will have a shining diamond. You must look for such an elegant, beautiful and sophisticated design that will make your ring stunning. What will be the value of an engagement ring with which you cannot show off the central diamond? Yes, you need to show it off.

You can show off the central diamond with a Three Stone Diamond Rings, making the centre stone more prominent and significant thanks to its cut, shape or clarity in comparison with the two other ones. Referring to a type of settings to be recommended, I am about the Tension setting, which is achieved in such a way that the diamond is put into place through the pressure exerted from the metal at both sides of the diamond. This peculiar type of setting gives the center diamond the prominence it requires, by showing a full view of the diamond in its power.

Diamond rings are now being depicted as an essence of the commodification of love and other emotions, thus an engagement ring with a diamond glowing at the center of an elegant design would be the perfect option for you.


Above suggestions will guide you all throughout your journey of searching for the perfect engagement ring. Besides the above mentioned some most important things to consider, there are some others that you cannot ignore while making a decision.

Be reasonable, choosing the Ring of “your commitment”, taking into account in advance necessary expenses for designer, the ring cost and additional consultations you will need to make the right choice. This will not only save your time but will keep away from running around the circles with some unrealistic expectations.

Take the process of designing or buying an engagement ring seriously: it is not the deal of one day. This ring will symbolize your love and commitment to your bride forever so it is extremely important to explore deeply all peculiarities of styles and your bride’s taste, so both of you will be satisfied with it as a sign of your today’s and future love and prosperity.

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