Should Your Bride and Groom Wedding Bands Match?

Should Your Bride and Groom Wedding Bands Match?

So you’re getting married, you’ve chosen the engagement ring, and now you’re considering wedding rings. Should your wedding rings match your partner’s? 

Having already got the answer to ‘Will you marry me?’, most couples will eventually come to the question of whether their wedding bands should match each other’s. 

As the symbol of a lifetime of commitment, the design of wedding rings is one of the most significant parts of getting married. After all, you and your partner will be wearing them on your fingers for the rest of your life. 

With the countless design options and combinations for wedding bands, the question of whether your wedding bands have to match is something that you have to ask yourself before you start looking for a pair. 

In this article, we’ll help provide some reasons for each side — reasons why you should match your wedding bands, and reasons to keep them unique to each other. 


4 Reasons Why You Should Match Your Wedding Bands

1. Continuity

Here’s the biggest reason that many couples choose to match their wedding bands — it makes sense to have a commonality that is shared between two people, especially in the context of marriage. 

People change as they grow older, and it’s no different for you and your future spouse. For that reason, it’s even more significant (poetic, even) to share something that doesn’t change between the two of you. 

You should match your wedding rings to show that no matter what happens in the adventure of life that awaits the two of you, there will always be a continual reminder of the bond that you both share. 

Why you should match your wedding bands

2. Joint Symbol

Unity is another big theme in marriage to consider. As partners, your commitment to each other also means that you will have each other’s backs and always be on the same team. 

For couples who choose to highlight this part of their marriage, the choice of whether to have their wedding rings match is clear. Matching wedding rings is symbolic of unity, an acknowledgement that different people are coming together to be joined for life. 

If it’s important to you to have that concept displayed through your wedding rings, then choose them with matching designs in mind, such as having a similar colour theme, sharing a shape or pattern, or having the same type of gems on them. 

3. One Decision – Not Two

For some, shopping for their dream wedding band is a day to savour. For others, the process of buying their wedding ring isn’t as straightforward as it seems — after all, wedding rings are designed to be worn in pairs, not alone.

You and your partner may decide that the process of selecting wedding rings is something that should be done together. It’s a noble and sweet thing to do, but it can also result in more back and forth since differing personal opinions are involved. 

That said, having one joint decision instead of two separate ones for wedding rings is a rewarding way for you and your partner can experience what it’s like having a shared life. And once you both reach the same decision for a matching set of wedding rings, it’s something that you can both treasure for a lifetime. 

4. Nod to Tradition

The older traditions of weddings are slowly becoming less restrictive as couples invent new traditions that are more relevant to their relationship and circumstances. Still, some traditions are time-honoured and hold great meaning. 

Wedding rings were originally made to match in the past, with the tradition dating back to the time of the ancient Greeks as an act of unity in marriage. 

If you appreciate the significance of the tradition, it’s a great reason to have matching wedding bands to honour the values that it holds in your own marriage. 


3 Reasons To Choose Your Own Wedding Bands

1. Freedom to Choose

Flipping over to the other side of the ring, you shouldn’t be limited to traditional rituals. After all, it’s your wedding and your marriage, and you should have the freedom to choose what you want as a reminder of your commitment to each other. 

To that end, many couples opt for having unique or mismatched wedding bands, with each partner selecting a design and make that best represents the relationship in their own eyes. 

Why you should't match your wedding bands

2. Freedom to Change

As your relationship grows in future, you may find that your original rings no longer reflect the same love that you now have with your partner. Or maybe you’re looking for an upgrade or a gift to demonstrate a renewed relationship. 

Whatever it is, know that you have the freedom to change your wedding band design. The purpose of a wedding ring is to show your commitment to your spouse as well as serve as a reminder for it; so as long as it suits this, it’s perfectly acceptable to have wedding rings that don’t match. 

3. Match Your Style

Wedding ring designs of today are no longer just offered in classic options of silver, gold, or platinum — new alternative materials such as ceramic, titanium, and even wood are now available as unique options. 

Convention may say that wedding bands should match, but you shouldn’t feel limited by this. In fact, mismatched wedding rings have been somewhat of a trend in recent years, as more and more couples discover the possibility of having a wedding ring that truly matches their style. 


Do Wedding Bands Have to Match?

So, do wedding bands have to match? Not really, but there are great reasons for doing so. Likewise, getting mismatched wedding rings has its own set of reasons. 

The choice is ultimately up to you and your future spouse on whether your wedding rings should be matched or unique. Making this decision together is the best way to enjoy the rest of your wedding ring shopping experience, especially as some people choose to always wear their wedding ring and never take it off, you want to make sure you and your partner get wedding rings you both love.

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