Halo Engagement Ring: the day-star brilliance on your finger

Halo Engagement Ring: the day-star brilliance on your finger

Halo Engagement Rings – Buyer’s Guide to Brilliance


Want to find a unique, elegant, and beautiful engagement ring for your partner to kick off the rest of your lives together? It’s time to learn about halo engagement rings. 

A halo is a circle or ring of light around the sun (or someone’s head), most associated with angels, symbolising purity and power. Well, what better way to propose to your angel?

But what are these fantastic beauty jewels, and why are they so perfect for engagement rings? That’s what GS Diamonds are here to help you with. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll take you through what halo rings are, what they’re made of, and how you can get one for your dream proposal. 


Magic of The Halo


  • The halo design boosts the size and appearance of the centre diamond, making it appear up to a half-carat larger.

  • The smaller stones will enhance the ring’s overall sparkle.

  • The design securely holds and protects the centre stone.

  • Halo designs complement a variety of diamond shapes, especially more complex ones.

  • Can be designed in an arrangement, not limited to a plain band around a diamond.



A Little History of the Halo Engagement Ring


In jewellery, halos look much the same as in astrology and religion — one main influential body or gem surrounded by more tiny rocks. In a halo ring, the smaller rocks give a visual boost to the central stone, adding dazzle and shine to the engagement ring. 

Here’s a quick history lesson: halo rings have existed for centuries (since the early Georgian era in Europe!) They were brought into mainstream fashion in the early 20th century with the Art Deco Era in the 1920s, when talented jewellers wanted to satisfy the needs of high-status personalities who, with the help of jewellery, could stand out and elevate themselves above the crowd.

But these days, anybody can get a halo ring, not just the elite.


Design Your Own Unique Halo Engagement Ring


There are countless halo engagement rings out there for sale, so it can be overwhelming to try and find the perfect one to represent your love and adoration wholly. 

Want to know the good news? GS Diamonds offers an advanced customisation process where you can build your ideal halo engagement ring right here on our website! Simply choose your diamond shape, style, and band metal to create a truly personal ring that your partner will cherish and wear through your engagement, right up until the day you swap ‘I do’s. 

Here are some tips and trade secrets for creating your own halo ring with us: 

  • If you want the center stone to appear seamless with the halo, choose a white metal to set the surrounding stones. Our two tone rings which marry rose gold or yellow gold bands with a white gold halo are perfect for this purpose!  

  • The middle jewel and surrounding smaller stones don’t have to be the same! Add variety to make your ring truly unique. For example, a halo ring with a diamond in the centre framed by sapphires or rubies looks stunning and original.

  • Halo rings can have more than one halo! For example, double halo settings consist of two circles of jewels around the centre. 

  • The classic halo style is a coloured stone in the heart enclosed by diamonds — a design you can never go wrong with.


Anatomy of a Halo Engagement Ring


The Band: As with any engagement ring, a halo ring must have a base or frame made of precious metals — usually platinum or white gold. The surface of the band is smooth, sturdy, and reliable. 


The Centre Stone: The main object of attention doesn’t have to be a diamond; it can be any gemstone, such as topaz, amethyst, sapphire, or emerald. Whatever you choose, it will have a certain number of faces, and with halo designs, the more of them, the stronger the shine. The most common forms of cutting for the centre stone are roundmarquise and pear inserts, but you can go with any shape of diamond or gemstone!


The Halo: The line of miniature stones around the central stone is colourful and dazzling. The more unique rings will use multiple different gemstones. For example, you can go with small diamonds and a large sapphire/ruby /emerald, or the opposite, with smaller gemstones and a larger diamond. The layer of miniature stones will give a visual boost to the middle stone, making it look larger and more lustrous than it already is!


Halo Engagement Ring Alternatives 


Halo rings are beautiful, but if you’re looking for something a little different but still in the same vein, check out these alternatives:

Looking for Subtlety


Looking for a less flashy alternative to the popular halo engagement ring? Check out the hidden halo engagement ring, which offers a more subtle hint of sparkle. You’ll also get more dazzling sparkles from even more angles than the top view of the traditional halo design. The hidden halo design can be seen in our collection of Ariel engagement rings.


Looking for a Bling Ring


A halo ring setting has a central diamond and other little diamonds, but the side-stone engagement ring focuses attention on the centre diamond while adding pizzazz with smaller pavé-set diamonds set along the ring’s band. This is an excellent option if you want even more shine than with a halo ring.


When a ring isn’t what you’re looking for


Why stick to rings when you can have more? Halo designs are not just perfect for engagement rings but for other types of jewellery and accessories! Earrings, in particular, benefit from the halo design, perfectly emphasising the face of anyone who wears them. The same goes for pendants, which hang delightfully from the neck. So, if you’re enraptured by the halo design but aren’t looking for a ring to pop the big question with, we’ve got a range of halo-set pendants and earrings for you to wear or gift with pride and love.


Shop the Range of Halo Engagement Rings with GS Diamonds


Well, there you have it — your guide to buying or creating your very own halo engagement ring.

Remember to consider each element of the ring design (such as the band, setting, and style) carefully before making your final decision, and always choose a reputable jeweller — like GS Diamonds — to ensure the quality and authenticity of your halo engagement ring.


Want to get access to the largest, most affordable, and most diverse collection of halo rings? Explore the range of halo engagement rings right here at GS Diamonds. We’ve got rings with every setting and shape of gem you could imagine, from classic heart shapes to round, princess, marquise, and Asscher shapes. But don’t let our collection limit you, either. You can create a custom halo engagement ring with us and truly take command of your engagement. When it comes to halos, the cosmos is the limit!

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