9 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: Make Your Spouse Smile with These Unforgettable Gifts

9 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: Make Your Spouse Smile with These Unforgettable Gifts

It’s the penultimate year before a full decade as a married couple, but don’t slouch just yet! Your 9 year wedding anniversary is the perfect time to remind your partner what makes your relationship so special and how much happiness they bring you. Do something they’ll remember and cherish just as much as your wedding day.  From old-school presents to modern classics, this list of 9 year wedding anniversary gift ideas will help you find the perfect present to wow your partner. 

Traditional 9 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Traditional gifts for the 9 year wedding anniversary include pottery and willow-based gifts. Pottery represents the timeless beauty and long-lasting durability of your relationship. Willow balances out your marriage, representing flexibility and strength. Choose a traditional gift that embraces the best parts of your relationship and will create a meaningful memory on your 9 year wedding anniversary.

Consider the following traditional gifts:

Handmade Pottery: Get your partner a piece of handmade pottery. Consider vases, bowls, decorative stands, mugs, and more. Choose an item that will complement your home’s décor and reflect your partner’s tastes. Even better than giving them something you made is making it together — book a local pottery class and spend the day crafting your new decorative bowl or vase.

Pottery Painting Experience: If you think your partner would love to work on some pottery, get them a pottery painting experience so they can decorate their pottery for themselves. Spend a romantic day painting together and admire your new pottery pieces, which will make stunning additions to your home décor.

Willow Tree Sculpture: The willow tree is known to accommodate strong winds and adverse weather. To show your partner that you think they’re the strongest person you know, get them a unique willow tree sculpture that can make a stunning centrepiece in any room. Choose one that represents love, family, or another important aspect of your life together. This gift will serve as a daily reminder of the strength you both possess and how strong your relationship has become after 9 years of marriage.

Personalised Willow Picnic Basket: This gift idea is twofold — first, get your spouse a personalised willow picnic basket. They can use this in the future to enjoy picnics full of good food, laughter, and love. Next, plan a day for a romantic picnic and surprise your spouse. Fill the willow basket with their favourite foods, a bottle of wine, and a warm blanket. Spend a memorable day outdoors together with this thoughtful and practical gift.

Willow Jewellery: To celebrate the strength of your 9 year wedding anniversary, get your partner a piece of unique wooden willow jewellery or a willow accessory. Get a custom willow piece made with a lapis lazuli gemstone for extra points. Consider bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings made of the flexible wooden material.

traditional 9 year wedding anniversary gifts

Modern 9 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If you’d rather go with a more modern gift, consider something made of leather. Leather represents protection and durability; after 9 years of marriage, you’ve both certainly exhibited those qualities. There are a wide range of possibilities out there where leather is concerned. Any gift you choose is sure to last a lifetime and be well-loved by your partner.

Consider the following modern gift ideas for your 9 year wedding anniversary:

Leather Wallet or Handbag: Everybody needs something to carry their valuables around in. So, why not get your partner a new leather wallet or handbag for your 9 year wedding anniversary? This is a versatile and valuable gift that they can appreciate every day. Choose something that suits their style and personality, and you can’t go wrong.

Leather Travel Accessories: If your partner loves to travel, get them some leather travel accessories, like a passport holder, luggage tag, new leather bag, and more. They’ll appreciate the thought, especially if you engrave the accessory with a message or inscription special to your relationship.

Leather Watch or Jewellery Box: The watch is a classic gift, made even better by the soft durability of high-quality leather. Buy your partner a unique watch that complements their personality. If they’re not a watch-wearer, consider other leather jewellery, or a unique leather jewellery box where they can store their valuables. Everything’s better in leather!

Personalised Leather Journal: If your partner loves notebooks, journaling, drawing, or writing, get them a leather journey personalised with their initials, their name, or a unique memory, quote, or phrase that is dear to their heart. They’ll want to take their new leather journal everywhere with them.

Unique 9 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Terracotta Planter: The colour associated with the 9 year wedding anniversary is terracotta. Celebrate your love and treat your partner with a terracotta planter. Before you gift it to them, fill it with their favourite plant or flowers — or anything that will flourish in your home or garden. It’s sure to make a charming addition to your home and to your partner’s love for you.

Lapis Lazuli Jewellery: The gemstone for the 9 year wedding anniversary is lapis lazuli. This vibrant and eye-catching blue stone represents wisdom and truth. To show your spouse that they are your truth, gift them a piece of lapis lazuli jewellery — a pendant, a ring, or a set of earrings. You’ll show them how much you love and support them.

Home Décor Additions: This gift idea is perfect for couples who have been thinking about adding to their home décor. Consider getting your partner a vase, decorative bowl, or special sculpture. You can incorporate the gemstone lapis lazuli, the terracotta material, or anything that your partner loves. They’re sure to appreciate your gift every day that it’s in your house.  

Memorable 9 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Cooking Class: Have you been meaning to cook more with your partner? There’s never a better time than with a cooking class. Gift your partner a cooking class in the cuisine they love the most. You’ll enjoy learning how to cook delicious meals that you can cook at home.

Experience: If your partner tends to appreciate memories more than physical gifts, consider a unique and memorable day or weekend experience. Book a hot air balloon ride, a theme park excursion, or even a skydiving expedition. Make memories that your partner — and you — won’t ever forget.

Romantic Dinner at Home: Who says you have to go to a fancy restaurant to be romantic? For this memorable gift, go above and beyond and make your partner the set menu of their dreams. You can even recreate your wedding menu to make it even more special. Pour some wine, light some candles, and put some music on. You can’t beat the classics.

unique 9 year wedding anniversary gifts

Sentimental 9 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Personalised Love Story Book: Commission a custom book or comic that tells the story of your relationship and marriage together. Include when you met, when you got married, and other special moments and milestones. Make it as creative as possible — bonus points if you write and draw it yourself! This creative, thoughtful, and unique gift will serve as a timeless reminder of the journey you’ve shared together and what’s still left to come in the rest of your lives together.

Engraved Jewellery: Go to your local jewellery store and get your partner something unique. Choose a personal word, quote, or phrase to engrave in the jewellery — something they’ll want to see daily. From necklaces to earrings to rings, there’s no limit to this gift idea. You know your partner best, so choose something they’ll wear and love for the rest of their life.

Personalised Photo Album: After 9 years of marriage, you’re bound to have many beautiful photos together. Celebrate them all with a ‘greatest hits’ photo album. Write little notes along each photo — a short anecdote here, a silly remark there. Your partner will love the thought that went into this gift and spend hours looking over the life that you’ve shared together. If there’s extra room in the album, you can continue adding to it as you move towards your 10 year wedding anniversary.

Final Thoughts

After 9 years of strong marriage, your partner deserves something to celebrate the love and hard work you’ve shared. Don’t let your 9 year wedding anniversary just be a lead-up to the tenth. Do something special for your partner to create unforgettable memories of your relationship. Let your imagination run free and allow yourself to be creative. Give your partner something only you can provide. Celebrate your 9 year wedding milestone in style and enjoy every moment together.

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