7 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas to Cherish Your Memories

7 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas to Cherish Your Memories

From the first time you held hands to the day you exchanged wedding vows, each and every memory makes up the journey of your love with your significant other. Take a trip down memory lane on your 7 year wedding anniversary and look back on some of your favourite memories with your partner – this anniversary is all about remembering, reminiscing, and cherishing your love over the years. Here’s how you can celebrate your anniversary with gift ideas that are bound to take your husband or wife back to where it all started.

Traditional 7 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The idea behind traditional wedding anniversary gifts is to memorialise each year of marriage with a symbol that embodies the most important qualities for a healthy, long-lasting relationship. For 7 year wedding anniversaries, the traditional gifts include copper and wool, representing the comfort and resilience needed for a successful marriage.

So, how are you supposed to incorporate copper or wool into a gift that your spouse is actually going to like? We’ve got you covered.

1. Wool

While alone wool sounds somewhat boring, it offers a luxurious, natural material that perfectly represents the comfort and warmth that both of you feel in your relationship. Pay homage to the traditional gift idea in the form of a hand-made woollen blanket, jumper, rug, or scarf.

Who doesn't love cuddling up to a cosy woollen blanket on a rainy day? A woollen blanket is another beautiful reminder of your love for one another and a practical gift that you can both wrap yourselves up in on cold winter nights.

2. Copper

Copper is an eye-catching, durable metal that beautifully encapsulates the resilience and strength of a long-lasting marriage. Consider getting a set of copper mugs so you and your partner can sip in style, or a copper picture frame to remind you of a beautiful moment you've shared. A copper jewellery box complete with a bracelet or pair of cufflinks could also make a thoughtful gift. 

However, if copper isn't really your spouse's colour, GS Diamonds offer a range of rose gold earrings that perfectly encapsulate love, tradition, and celebration with the rosy tinge found in copper materials.

3. Onyx Gemstone

Onyx is the traditional gemstone for couples celebrating their 7 year wedding anniversary. Coloured in a beautiful, rich black, onyx is an elegant stone representing the endurance and passion necessary for a long, healthy relationship.

Consider getting your partner an enchanting piece of jewellery that features onyx, such as earrings or a ring. You could also commission a piece of onyx art or even make an artwork yourself inspired by the colours and formation of the onyx gemstone.

4. Freesia's

Traditionally associated with the 7 year wedding anniversary, a freesia is a delicate and fragrant flower in several colours, including pink, white, and yellow. A bouquet of fresh freesias is sure to bring joy – or if your partner has a penchant for gardening, consider purchasing seedlings or a plant that can provide long-lasting colour to your home.

traditional 7 year wedding anniversary gifts

Modern Gift Ideas

If you're looking to celebrate your 7 year wedding anniversary with a modern gift, we’ve got you sorted:


Classic and timeless, jewellery is a perfect wedding anniversary gift that your partner can cherish over the coming years. The beauty of gifting jewellery is that you can make it more personal, to suit your partner’s style, or to customise and engrave a special message.

Diamond eternity rings, tennis bracelets, or elegant diamond pendants that they can wear close to their heart – jewellery is a gift you’ll never regret when it comes to celebrating your anniversary.


Okay so we’re not suggesting you purchase a new gadget for the sake of it – but for many of us, technology is a big part of our lives and our day-to-day. If your spouse could use a gift that will support their career, day-to-day activities, or even their passions – then technology could be the perfect gift for your 7 year wedding anniversary. We’re thinking e-readers, smart home tech, or fitness watches.

Personalised Gifts

Personalising a gift for your partner on your 7 year wedding anniversary is a thoughtful way to show your love and appreciation for them.

Custom Portrait

Surprise your love with a custom portrait created to replicate one of your favourite memories together. There are tonnes of illustrators and artists online that will replicate an existing image in a painting, digital artwork, or drawing, for you to frame and have in your home.

Custom Cookbook

Create a personalised cookbook filled with your spouse’s favourite recipes and include photos and memories from each dish. Maybe include the dish they ate on your first romantic dinner accompanied by a special note.

Unforgettable Experiences

Give your spouse the gift of an unforgettable experience to celebrate your 7 year wedding anniversary. Surprising them with tickets to see their favourite musician or booking a romantic getaway to your favourite holiday location are just some of the ways that you can commemorate your anniversary with an experience.

traditional 7 year anniversary gift

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, our favourite 7 year wedding anniversary gift ideas. Take this milestone in your relationship as a chance to remind your life partner just how much they mean to you through a unique gift that speaks to your special bond. Now go and make your 7 year wedding anniversary a day to remember!

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