What is an Eternity Ring and What Does it Mean?

What is an Eternity Ring and What Does it Mean?

Love, commitment, trust. These are the values that have held the relationship between you and your soulmate together — since that special moment when you both said, ‘I do’.

After all those years of bliss, you would’ve run the gamut of romantic gestures, and it can become hard to look for new ways to celebrate your undying devotion to each other. If you’re wondering how else you can surprise your partner (or remind yourself of their promise to you), look no further.

Presenting to you: the eternity ring.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Well, beyond the dazzling beauty of eternity rings lies a deeper significance that makes them truly special. In this article, we’ll reveal all you need to know about what they are, what they mean, and when you should gift one to your partner.


What is an Eternity Ring?

An eternity ring is a band, usually with a contoured shape, set with diamonds all the way around it. The reason for this contoured shape is that the eternity ring is traditionally used as the third piece of the bridal ring set.

When wearing all your bridal rings together, the eternity ring sits on top of your engagement ring, followed by your wedding band. This contour ‘hugs’ and gracefully accentuates the main diamond of the engagement ring, forming an elegant frame around it.


The Meaning Behind Eternity Rings

Eternity rings symbolise what they are named after — eternity. Since ancient times, the concept of eternity has always been represented by the shape of a circle. Having no beginning nor end, the circle is a powerful reminder of how long your relationship is meant to and will last.

As opposed to engagement rings and wedding bands, eternity rings signify a much deeper level of commitment. Gifting an eternity ring to your significant other is a declaration of your everlasting love for them, as well as a tangible symbol of the unbreakable bond shared between you both.


When to Get an Eternity Ring

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While there are many couples that celebrate with eternity rings on their 10th anniversary, there is no hard rule on when you should gift one to your partner (or yourself!). Rather than thinking of it as a material gift, treat it as a way to mark the next step in the celebration of the life that you’ve been building together.

If you’re still unsure as to when would be a good time to gift an eternity ring, here are some significant milestones to consider:

  • Your 10th wedding anniversary
  • The birth of your first child together
  • Obtaining your first home
  • Renewing of your wedding vows

Whenever you decide to do so, always remember that the best time to give an eternity ring is when you feel that your relationship is at a point where this lasting symbol of love would be most cherished. Trust yourself and embrace your heart’s desire to make a lasting commitment to your loved one.


Choosing the Perfect Eternity Ring

Choosing a ring to represent forever sounds like a daunting task, but it’s actually much easier than you think.

The first thing to consider when selecting an eternity ring is the colour and metal of the band. For the best effect when worn, try choosing a colour and metal for the band that matches your engagement ring. Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t choose a completely different mix of colour and elements, especially if they hold special significance.

As mentioned before, the classic option for eternity rings is to have diamonds set all around the entire band. However, there are also rings that feature stones along half of the band. The decision for ring design is a subjective one, so asking the opinion of your partner is a safe bet to gifting them a ring that they will adore. Be sure to take a look at our stunning eternity rings collection — you might just find the perfect one with us!

Last but not least, the size of the ring is an absolute must to get right. Because of the number of diamond inserts on the band, resizing eternity rings is an impossible task. It is unlikely that your partner’s ring size has changed, but we recommend measuring it again just to be sure.

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Eternity Rings: A Timeless Gift

It’s hard to express the concept of eternity in words, but easy to demonstrate with an eternity ring. With an eternity ring, you’ll be giving a gift that will last forever—and that’s no exaggeration. Once that ring sits on your partner’s finger, they will not only have a complete set of bridal rings, but also an eternal reminder of the life and love you share.

So, whether you’re planning on gifting one now or in the future, give some thought to how you’d like to present the gift, be it a spontaneous gesture or a carefully planned surprise. After all, an extravagant gift such as this deserves to be tied to a milestone that means the world to both of you. From all of us here at GS Diamonds: We wish you a lifetime (and beyond!) of bliss, and may your relationship continue to blossom!

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