TOP 10 Don’ts for Buying an Engagement Ring

TOP 10 Don’ts for Buying an Engagement Ring

From our various experience, GS Diamonds Australia will clarify the list of Top 10 don'ts and suggest you the right direction to buy the flawless diamond ring. Be attentive to details particularly, because it can be the reason for further disappointment, buying the "wrong ring". It is a serious step to marry and engage, presenting the ring, which symbolizes your forever love, so please have a serious approach choosing your Engagement ring

There is no possibility to imagine the marriage without an engagement ring because for sure you would like to make your day memorable. With many questions in mind, you don't know where you should begin. Searching for an engagement ring you should pay attention at the start for 4 C’s. However, have you ever thought about what you should not do, buying an engagement ring?

Don’t Ignore the Cut

You must have the knowledge referring to four main features of a diamond, the four Cs. Pay attention to all features, which in harmony will make the ring look gorgeous, having a decent value and flawless rate. Important to mention the level of correlation between the shape, cut, clarity and colour and in case you do not have enough knowledge, GS Diamonds will provide you the best advice, basing on your questions.

Don’t Ignore the Size of the Diamond

The size of a diamond matters a lot: it determines its flawless and for sure value; important to take into account that each shape of the diamond allows applying an appropriate style, which will suit your character and personality.

Keep another thing in mind that the prices for the diamond can increase for even small difference in sizes. For instance, a 1 carat diamond would look as similar to a 0.9-carat diamond. 

However, it does not necessarily mean that both would have the same prices. Making a final choice, you should follow competent advice of professionals and look through the mirror of beauty, quality and your personal taste.

Don’t Expect Perfect Clarity

One of the most important characteristics of the diamond is the clarity, which will determine the shine of your ring. However, the perfectly flawless diamond can cost plenty of money and not everybody can buy it. So, it is not obligatorily to look for perfect flawless, nobody will check it. It should be good enough for your naked eye and that would be the perfect one for you. Remember one thing, only you know what is better for you and only you can make a perfect decision for yourself. Clarity must determine the level of sparkle and beauty, good enough for your bride and her sense of estimation.

Don’t Consider an Exact Weight

You might be thinking that buying a 1-carat engagement ring or 0.9-carat engagement ring would be similar. Yes, size might not matter, we agree but prices may vary. You may not believe but even this minimum difference in sizes can make big differences in prices.

The most important the ring can be suitable to your personality and look gorgeous on your hand, reflecting the elegance and beauty of it. The weight is not a stable property, which will not be noticed with anybody and be visible just for you.

Don’t Ignore the Setting

Choosing an engagement ring, do not forget to ask about the settings and types, the most suitable for the ring you have chosen. Opening the curtains of the jewellery science just a bit I should underlain the necessity to understand importance of it thanks to fact some styles completely go together with the appropriate definite settings.

The most popular settings to be used are the bezel, channel, prong settings, which have their own classification as well. 

Choosing an engagement ring do not forget to read additionally about settings, which will enhance beauty of your ring and make it even more peculiar for you and everybody around.

Don’t Ignore the Precious Metals

Choosing an engagement ring is something more than just having a perfect diamond. You must have an understanding of some precious metals that would go with your diamond. You can either go for gold or platinum. Considering metal sensitivity is important.

For instance, 18-carat gold would be more expensive but 14-carat gold would be more durable. Consider the precious metals too but choose wisely.

Don’t Neglect Thinking Out of the Box

We all need and prefer diamonds in our engagement rings, but this is not all you can do. Just think out of the box and you will get some other amazing options you have never think of.

Think and consider what your partner will like. She likes diamond then go for a diamond but pairing it with another gemstone would also be a great option. You can surprise her with your choice. Make a wise purchase.

Don’t Just Focus on Buying Your Engagement Ring Online

In the modern time, there are plenty of options to choose an engagement ring and there is a more widespread option to order design and complete the purchase via an Internet.

It is often better to have professional advice from the specialists and to hold the diamond in the hands, estimating it fully like a client before taking a decision to choose it for your bride. So be curious about different ways of buying the ring, choosing the most suitable for you.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Your engagement day is going to be your big day. You don’t want to make some haphazard decisions as your entire relationship would depend on this moment. Don’t wait for the last moment, buying a perfect diamond engagement ring would require time and effort. Try spending a reasonable time and you will be succeeded in getting what you actually want.

Don’t Buy your Engagement Ring without Insurance

Now you have taken a decision, choosing the perfect ring. Remember, ensuring your ring is necessary does not matter whether you have spent thousands or even a million dollars.

Insurance will protect your rights in case anything happens like damage of other kinds of force-majeure situations. It will allow you to sleep in a calm and soft way.

There would be a grading certificate too that would inform you about the characteristics possessed by your diamond in the ring. In this way, you will be able to get a close and personal look at your engagement ring.

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