Savvy Items to Spend Your Leftover Budget from Diamond Rings On

Savvy Items to Spend Your Leftover Budget from Diamond Rings On

Go through this list and decide what you want to buy for yourself.

Wedding season is around us, and shopping is at peak levels. Couples are running against time to get all of the necessities stacked, before the eventful day arrives and they solemnize their vows. More than 80 percent of all couples getting married recently have confirmed the creation of a budget to streamline their costs and expenditure. Such a budget does not only give direction to their spending, but also ensures that the couple has a good grasp over the different heads and the biggest expenditures. 

Now, in most marriages the biggest expenditure is incurred towards the arrangements of a diamond ring. To be on the safe side, couples keep a formidable budget at the ready for all expenditures concerning the ring. Now, since this budget is meant to always be on the higher side, there is always some money left from it. Considering how many couples face this scenario, we have come up with a list of savvy items you can purchase from the leftovers of the budget you allocated for your diamond engagement ring.


Not only do necklaces look magnificent by themselves, but they also accentuate the appeal of your wedding dress/gown to create a perfect amalgam. More often than not, brides don’t have a separate budget in mind for a necklace, which is why the leftover budget from your engagement ring can be put to good effect here. There is plenty of variety available in the market when it comes to going and buying your preferred necklace.  

Be careful while buying the necklace, so that you’re sure of the size and style that goes well on you. One size doesn’t fit all here, which is why something that looks good on someone else might not necessarily look good on you. You could either go for a necklace that is heavy on your neck, or go for something else that is not as heavy, but equally glittery and impressive.

Jewelry Sets

A jewelry set is one item that isn’t often high on the radar for most brides. This jewelry set includes multiple other jewelry items to spice up your bridal look, and to be used after you’ve married as well.  

A jewelry set doesn’t really have to be just kept aside for your wedding, like your wedding dress. It can be used for multiple occasions, with the same glamour that you first associated with it. 

The jewelry set should be decided with great precaution, as it is something that you would wear day in and out. You don’t want to rue the color combination or any other fine detail that you initially missed out on because of your haste.

Bridal Lingerie

A bridal shower themed on lingerie is a perfect excuse to get your hands on the best bridal lingerie out there. While you can buy these as part of your original budget for outfits to wear, but it is always good to know that you have more to spend on the coveted wedding dress, and can buy some of the outfits through the leftover budget from your jewelry expenditures. 

There are numerous online and brick and mortar retailers that offer chemises and lingerie for brides-to-be. Bridal lingerie has to be vibrant and colorful, which is why you shouldn’t compromise on these factors.

Bridal Bracelet

If you haven’t yet discussed the need for a bridal bracelet, then now is the time to talk about one. Well, yeah you don’t think that a bridal bracelet is entirely necessary, but the fact of the matter is that it is one of those items that completes the occasion with its glint and shine. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this tiny detail, and risk messing up your entire look in the eyes of the onlookers. 

The bracelet should preferably be in the same color as the ring itself, to avoid a mismatch. The bracelet should fall perfectly in sync with your overall choice of jewelry and would help transcend the perception that you want from your event.

Bridal Watch

With some leftover budget from the ring expenditure coming your way, you can surely use that money to buy a watch that falls in line with your expectation. There are multiple innovative designs for watches online and offline, which you can go through to see what you’re most comfortable with. Or, you could even drop these ideas and create a whole unique wedding watch design of your own. 

Besides accentuating your look on the wedding day, the wedding watch also plays an imperative part in your life after that. Most women value their wedding day watches dearly because of the emotional and sentimental value associated with the item. So, use the leftover money from the wedding ring to good effect here by choosing a design that you know you can stick with for the lifetime.


Now, this is a part of your wedding style that you would obviously have planned for. Earrings complement the overall look you’re trying to pull out for your wedding and happen and accentuate the dress and make up further. 

Now, while you already must have some sort of a budget for your earrings, you can add any leftover amount from your ring budget to it and buy something even more grand and glamorous. There are multiple choices for earrings available in the market, and you can stand out by trying out something that is more in line with your requirements. 

Brides often go for fancy lobe earrings as part of the process, but you can innovate with your choice here. A rustic or traditional ear stud can also work perfectly for you, because of how they maintain a simplistic look, without compromising on quality. 

Use all of these savvy ideas above to spend your leftover engagement ring budget on something that is equally prized and valuable for the both of you.

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