7 Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles 2024

7 Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles 2024

7 of the most popular engagement ring styles that are influencing engagement ring purchase trends in 2024.

Engagement rings are a timeless reflection of your commitment intended to last a lifetime. But that doesn’t mean that new styles and trends won’t influence the types of rings that consumers are purchasing.

Just like the style of jeans that we wear, and the way that we cut out hair, the most popular engagement rings can change in the blink of an eye. So then, if you’re looking to get down on one knee, or you’re hoping that your loved one will pop the question this year, our list of the seven most popular engagement ring styles for 2024 is essential reading.

Lab grown diamond engagement rings

Lab grown diamond engagement rings are becoming a fast favourite among couples who are after the timeless value and signature sparkle of a diamond, but don’t necessarily have the budget for one. 

Lab grown diamonds present a more sustainable alternative while delivering the same diamond beauty that can be expected with a naturally mined stone. Make no mistake, despite the fact that they are about 50% more affordable than naturally found diamonds, lab grown diamonds are made of exactly the same material and are 100% the real thing. 

Instead of compromising on quality for a natural diamond, the same budget could fetch a higher quality lab grown diamond, with the added benefit of having peace of mind knowing that the stone is free from questionable mining practices. 

Yellow gold engagement ring bands

Yellow gold has historically been the style and material of choice for engagement ring bands, and still is today for many couples that want to add a touch of traditional significance to their proposal. It lends a vintage and classic allure to the engagement ring and complements a wide range of diamond cuts, shapes, and settings. 

Yellow gold is also naturally malleable, allowing jewellers to craft intricate patterns and engravings, making it a flexible choice for those favouring customisation. The warm yellow glow it gives off also helps it blend surprisingly well with diamonds of lower colour grades, while harmonising seamlessly with skin tones of olive or darker shades. 

Vintage-look engagement rings

Vintage-look engagement rings offer a timeless and heirloom-feel that simply can’t be found with modern styles. Taking inspiration from ring designs in the past century, vintage-look engagement rings present unique styles ranging from the Art Deco era in the 1920s to royal Victorian styles that remain classy to this day. 

Needless to say, vintage engagement rings are specially crafted for individuals who can appreciate the eclectic styles they offer, and often steal the spotlight when worn to gatherings. 

The era of vintage styles may have come and gone for the rest of the world, but they are still very much in trend within engagement ring collections. 

Coloured diamond engagement rings

While classic white diamonds remain prized for lack of colour, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of coloured diamonds for engagement rings. A coloured diamond, or fancy diamond, refers to a diamond stone with a colour that does not fall into the usual colour grading range for white diamonds (the D-Z scale). 

Instead, the vibrancy of colour is celebrated for fancy diamonds — the deeper and bolder the colour of the stone, the more sought after it often is. Fancy coloured diamonds can be found in almost every colour of the spectrum, including red, purple, green, orange, and rarer colours like pink and blue. Their bold colours make them an ideal choice for couples who love to stand out from the crowd and express themselves with their favourite colour. 

Halo cut diamond engagement rings

Halo cut diamond engagement rings are consistently one of the most popular styles. True to its name, this design showcases a "halo" or circular arrangement of smaller stones encircling a larger central stone. Interestingly, this design creates an optical illusion that makes the central diamond appear much bigger and brighter. 

Halo cut diamond engagement rings have been around since the 18th century, and have been known to be worn by royalty, awarding it and its wearer a certain elegance. 

Bold, statement piece engagement rings

A statement engagement ring commands attention and sparks conversation with its bold and captivating design. Unlike conventional engagement rings, which may lean towards subtlety, these pieces showcase striking features, oversized diamonds, and distinctive settings that express individuality and flair.

Perfect for couples who love a bolder style, a statement piece engagement ring can come in many different styles, and it will come down to personal preference to decide on a design that encapsulates the wearer’s personality. 

Personalised & bespoke design engagement rings

If you’re looking for a truly distinct way to express your love, there’s no better option than a bespoke engagement ring. Your love story is unique to you and your partner, and they deserve an engagement ring that reflects your relationship in a personal and heartfelt way. Opting for a bespoke design for an engagement ring frees you from the limitations of store offerings and opens up opportunities for you to craft a ring as exceptional as your love story.

Bespoke engagement rings can be customised from a range of rings styles, settings, diamond cuts and shapes, ring material, and many more. With so many ways to personalise the ring, it’s easy to create one that truly fits your love story. Start creating a bespoke engagement ring with GS Diamonds today!

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