What Is Carat?

  •  The unit of measurement to weigh a diamond

How Do You Measure Diamonds That Are Below Or Above Carats?

  • By the measurement of points, for example a carat contains the measurement of 100 points. 100 points are equal to 1 carat

Here are some examples of points being used to familiarize you with the concept:

  • 0.25 means twenty five points, or a ¼ of a carat
  • 0.50 means 50 points, or a ½ of a carat

How Are The Prices For Carats Determined?

  • The price of a diamond rises in relation to it's carat size
  • For example a diamond with a greater carat size has a higher value, subsequently a diamond with a lower carat weight has a lower value

Why Do Diamonds Value Change With Carat Size:

  • The process of forming a diamond naturally is extremely rare because the materials used in the special process of forming a diamond are present in minute amounts. This results in the discovery of larger diamonds being increasingly rare because of the low abundance of materials required to form diamonds. For that purpose diamond value increases in relation to its size because of rarity.


  • Selecting diamonds just below Popular carat weights such as 1/2ct. 3/4ct. and 1ct. are frequently sold at slightly reduced prices in comparison to diamonds at the popular carat weights mentioned above.
  • Don't worry if you feel that a slightly reduced carat weight may take away from the appearance of your diamond, because visually carat weight is challenging to distinguish even by trained gemmologists.

Helpful Hint For Choosing A Carat Weight.

Decide on your budget, the individual style, preference of the person and on the occasion. For example a 1 carat diamond will look proportionally large on a small finger. If you need advice, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .