About Precious Metals


Chosing the right metal matters because of the softness of pure (24k) gold, it is usually mixed with base metals for use in jewellery, altering its hardness and pliability, melting point, colour and other properties. Keeping this in mind it is important to pick the metal that suits the person wearing it, and there lifestyle. Finding the right metal is more than just its appearance.

Yellow Gold

Please note:

Gold is offered in different tones, this is dependent on the concentration of compounds placed in the gold. 

Which compounds are commonly used to make yellow gold?

tick Copper                                     tick Silver                                     tick Zinc

tick Green hue                                tickRed hue 

White Gold 

What does white gold look like in its appearance?

* White Gold is often referred to having the appearance of platinum and silver.
To create white gold, alloys like silver, nickel, zinc, or palladium are added to achieve a white look.

Rhodium plating:

* Light grey is the natural colour of white gold, white gold's shinning colour is attributed to it's coating of a very slender layer of rhodium plating.

What purpose does rhodium-plating serve:

* A derived metal from platinum, rhodium plating makes a setting more reflective and attractive.

* Leaves a defensive coating.


* A lustrous metal silver-white in colour. 

What differences does a platinum setting bring to a diamond ring setting?

* Platinum's lustrous silver-white colour creates an enhanced sparkle to a diamond.

* Platinum's remarkable durability, and resistance to corrosion allows the metal to maintain its elegant silver-white colour, where as other metals would not over time. As well as a steady and trustable setting for a diamond.

* Platinum is a very malleable metal, meaning the creation of unique and sophisticated jewellery designs more favourable to create.

Having difficulty with allergies towards certain metals:

* Platinum is the solution, as it is regarded as one of the most hypoallergenic metals in the industry.

What is platinum's value?

Produced at an estimate of a few hundred tones annually, platinum is a rare metal. As a result of platinum's rarity, it is highly valuable in today's market.

Rose Gold

The rose gold alloy is created through the alternation of different alloys.

Rose gold is an alloy made of:

tick Silver                                    tick Gold                                      tick Copper

Rose gold was used predominantly for specialized jewellery and has now become a popular trend.