What’s the best size diamond?

Bigger is better, right? Well, sometimes. It really depends on your budget. And while there’s no denying a 2.0ct stone makes a big impact, there are a few ways to get more diamond for less.


Carat basics

Diamonds are measured in weight (carats) not actual size. Diamond prices jump significantly at full- and half-carat points, or ‘magic’ weights.

How much should I spend?

Thanks to a very sharp ad campaign by De Beers over 60 years ago, there’s a social expectation that a man needs to drop two-month’s salary on an engagement ring.


At GS Diamonds, we believe that not only should you spend what you’re comfortable with, but that you should shop smart to get the most value for your budget. And we’ve made it easy for you to do this.

Our business model enables us to provide our customers with beautiful diamonds, excellent craftsmanship, and attractive value. Because we import direct from international diamond manufacturers and metal suppliers, and have a fast turnover, we can guarantee the best price.

5 ways to get more diamond for your money

1. Consider cut above all else.

A beautifully cut 1.0 carat diamond can look just as spectacular — if not more — than a larger diamond with a poorer cut.

2. Focus on shape

The shape of a stone can greatly influence how a diamond appears on her finger. For example, elongated shapes (Oval, Marquise, Pear) can often appear larger, and are usually less expensive than Round shapes.

3. Be flexibale with clarity.

Compromise on clarity, not colour, to get the biggest diamond for your money. For example, you may be able to buy a 2 carat, H colour, S12 stone for the same price as a 1.5 carat, H colour, VVS1 or VVS2 stone.

4. Go for nearly-colourless.

G, H, I or J stones still appear beautifully sparkly and white, for a fraction of the cost of a colourless diamond

5. Play with fluorescence.

35% of the world’s cut diamonds have fluorescence. 3.5% are directly affected by it. Playing with blue fluorescence in non-affected white graded diamonds can reduce cost and get you slightly larger stone. Just make sure the diamond isn’t milky, cloudy or hazy.