Top 4 engagement ring styles.

On the hunt for a stunning engagement ring setting? These picks are sure to get your inspiration flowing.


It’s all about the centre stone

… but a clever and beautiful ring design is what will showcase your diamond to full effect. Here are 4 of our favourite ring setting designs to get you started on your engagement ring design journey.

The solitaire.

The classic solitaire engagement ring is a popular choice; the simple setting makes the diamond the star of the show. It’s refined, elegant and a safe bet.

  • The highest selling engagement ring style

  • Ideal for princess and round shape diamonds

  • If you’re stuck on what to choose, the classic solitaire is a safe choice

  • Ideally, you’ll be looking at a single 1.0ct stone, so this can be an expensive style choice.

Why she'll love it

  • It’s a timeless style and will never go out of fashion

  • The claw setting allows for maximum light to enter the diamond (i.e. it’s very sparkly!)

  • It’s likely to be very close to the ring she’s been dreaming about all her life...

The 3-stone.

Often referred to as the trilogy or trinity ring, the 3-stone engagement ring is said to represent the past, present and future of your relationship. This symbology makes for a very romantic choice. s

  • A meaningful engagement ring style

  • Get creative by combining diamond shapes and colours

  • If you’re stuck on what to choose, go for symmetry by using stones of the same shape, e.g. 3 round stones, or 3 cushion cut stones

Why she'll love it

  • 3 stones give the illusion of a larger ring

  • A row of diamonds down the band ups the opulent factor

  • Coloured stones make this truly unique and personal engagement ring.

The halo.

If you want to make your centre stone look bigger than it actually is, the halo engagement ring is the way to go. A centre stone is surrounded by one or two rows of smaller diamonds, to very sparkly effect.

  • One of the most show-stopping engagement ring styles

  • Incredible detail allows for personalised design touches

  • Ideal way to add serious sparkle to lower grade centre stones; the hundreds of tiny halo diamonds considerably up the glitter quotient!

  • A halo engagement ring gives you maximum visual impact at a lower cost.

Why she'll love it

  • It’ll look huge on her finger

  • Halo engagement rings feel decadent, vintage and and on-trend all at once

  • Amazing sparkle in a truly opulent design.

The cathedral.

The cathedral is a glamorous, yet elegant engagement ring setting. The level of attention to detail in this style makes it a particularly romantic choice.

  • A timeless, enduring engagement ring style

  • The arch adds height and distinction

  • Designed to accentuate the perceived size of the centre stone

  • The centre stone is well protected.

Why she'll love it

  • The high profile of this design really spotlights the centre stone

  • Looks beautiful with or without stones on the band

  • A nice choice for fancy shape diamonds.