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Is it Possible to Modify an Engagement Ring

Is it Possible to Modify an Engagement Ring
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Diamond jewelry enthusiasts are split into two groups when it comes to whether or not a diamond engagement ring should be modified. Seeing that both sides have valid points for modifying a diamond ring, there cannot be a right answer to this question. But, at the end of the day, a diamond ring is going to be a major investment, which means, the decision of modifying it or not is ultimately up to the owner of the ring. The good news is that there are ways in which you can modify an engagement ring and preserve its sentimental value. Keeping that in mind, the following are some of the ways in which you can modify it and upgrade its appearance without having to break the bank in the process.

Modifying an Engagement Ring

Whether it’s just setting stone on the engagement ring, or adding more stones, there are plenty of options available for those who are looking to upgrade the appearance of their engagement ring. It ranges from upgrading stones, modifying styles of the ring, mutually changing it with the time, confirming that your personality and relationship have moved to the next level and making other amendments, important to emphasize the stage of your relationship through the ring.   

The best part about owning a ring and wanting to upgrade it is that you can also include other precious stones to mix, decorate the shoulders or engrave the band itself. When it comes to modifying the look of your engagement ring, you are only going to be limited by your imagination, and of course the current setting and style of your ring. You can make the decision to modify your engagement at any time, but you will want to ask the permission of your partner first. It is your mutual decision and mutual property, because this ring symbolizes your feelings, love and commitment. It is a significant step, showing that something major happened and you are not the same as well as your relationship, commitment and love. Possible it became more mature, grounded, survived through years and difficulties, proved it’s right to exist.

Major modification can happen with a time when your relationship reached new level or in case of natural necessity, if it is lesser than her engagement finger or have other issues, which prevent wearing it.

You can modify it in the way, how common sense and initial feelings allow you: you can substitute one stone with another, add more diamond stones, which are less in size, expand or lessen the band and make it more massive or thin as it suits you.      

Budgeting the Modification

Since the diamond that’s on the ring is always going to be the most expensive part of the engagement ring, it’s safe to say that you are not going to be stretching out your budget too much by modifying the ring, since most of the cost will be on either engraving the band or adding a few more stones to elevate the appearance of the center stone (which is the one that cost you the most).

Engagement Ring

Upgrade the Middle Stone

Now that you’ve got your budget in order, you can either upgrade the center stone on the ring. For instance, if you had initially got a smaller diamond stud set on the ring, but are having second thoughts, you can upgrade the ring by adding a larger stone. It should be on your discretion which stone to choose and whether it will comply with the initial Engagement ring style.  

This can be realized with a time, when you will be ready to change it as far as your character and personality would change with the time as well. There are many ways in which you can upgrade an existing stone on the Engagement Ring. The best way to go about doing that is by asking around or going online to find out different options. You will be surprised by the number of options of cuts and sizes that you will find online to upgrade your engagement ring.

Quite a lot depends whether you have bought ready-made ring or design it by yourself and how significant upgrade will be. In this case, price and work duration will differ, it should be taken into account and well-remembered.

That being said, when choosing a larger size diamond stud you will want to shop around first to get the best prices. This is where having knowledge of the 4 C’s of diamonds will come in handy manner. In this matter the help of online, usual shop assistants will be important, because for the person, not professional and deeply aware in the jewelry area it will be important to find a balance between final engagement ring and price. That said, you do not need to always get a larger and more expensive diamond ring to upgrade it. You can choose another shape of the diamonds, few of little diamonds, another style of an engagement ring, which will make a difference.  

Again, the trick here is to know the 4 C’s, choosing a diamond engagement ring, which will influence on the price, insurance and duration of work to be adjusted. More about 4 C’s you can find out, diving deeper to other Blog articles with further explanation. In certain cases, you can find a diamond size that’s larger than the existing one you have, but it costs less depending on the natural features of the diamond. However, it can look larger thanks to its shape and cut. Do not forget about settings, which differ depending on the style and type of the diamond. Major upgrade of the engagement ring and its modification is an important decision of couple, which means something major and will influence on your further relationship, confirming, that your relationship moved to the next stage.   

The great thing about diamonds is that while the difference in diamond grades will be significant on your pocket, these differences are not visible to the naked eye. This makes it possible for you to upgrade the diamond on your engagement ring without having to spend an arm and a leg.

Modify the Band

If you do not have the budget to get a bigger stone for the center of the engagement ring, no problem. There are other ways in which you can upgrade the appearance of it without having to break the bank in the process. It is possible to upgrade not just a stone, but a band as well, making it wider, engraved, emphasizing, upgrading a band as far as you are interested in.

For instance, rather than getting a larger stone for your engagement ring, you can opt for modifying the band itself. It is a good decision to order a side stone band, which looks unusual and interesting, which does not influence majorly on the style of the ring.

Upgrading a ring is possible via adding accents to the ring. Adding accents to the ring is a great way to subtly add more character to an existing ring. You can add accents to the side of the center stone. This small upgrade can easily lead to more sparkle along with enhancing the appearance of the center stone itself. Using this type of modification also means that you will not be losing the center stone. In this way, you can keep the sentiment value of the engagement ring intact without making any drastic changes to the ring. It cannot be names as “a modification” – it is emphasizing and decorating it strongly for your bride’s request.

One more solution: to substitute big central diamond with the less one or couple of it, making it more significant, full of new energy and spirit. Your fantasy will play the main role, for sure not without help of the professional designer with wide experience of ideas and possible solutions.

Update the Setting of the Stone

If you do not have the budget to upgrade the ring by getting a larger stone, you can easily create the illusion that you have by simply changing the setting of the stone on the engagement ring. For example, normally engagement rings come with the stone set in a pointed setting. This is also known as a cathedral setting. This setting can easily be upgraded by changing it into a bezel setting, which will not only prevent the diamond from getting damaged but will also enhance the look of the diamond. This also happens to be a great idea for upgrading the appearance of stones that have been damaged. Some other diamond setting options that are available are prong setting, channel setting, bar setting, gypsy setting, tension setting, cluster setting, and so on.

Ending Note

So, there you have it. The following are just some of the ways in which you can easily upgrade the appearance of your engagement ring and get the most bang for your buck.