Diamond Care  

Whether you wear them every day or only occasionally, Diamonds are precious objects that require care and attention. The recommendations below will help you to preserve them to their original condition. 

*  A clean diamond reflects light better.

*  Ensure that you remove your diamond jewellery when washing your hands and putting on perfumes or hand creams. The particles present in these creams, may become lodged in cavities. In the longer term this may lead to premature deterioration of the metal. The surface of gold and platinum can become dulled. Professional polish and cleanings are recommended as often as once a year. We encourage you to bring your GS Diamonds jewellery back to us for professional servicing. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of jewellery care.

*  GS Diamonds advises you to take your regular activities into account when wearing your jewellery. Avoid wearing them on the beach, at the swimming pool or to play sport so as to avoid knocks and scratches. Wearing your jewellery should also be avoided when doing housework or gardening. So as to protect your diamond from scratches or chips. GS Diamonds advises you to avoid allowing your jewellery to come into contact with chemicals as this may lead to the discoloration of the setting.

 Storing Your Diamond

Storing your diamond correctly is very essential. Place your diamond in a jewellery box that comprises dividers for the best storage.

 Please note:

*  The placement of jewellery close to high levels of moisture or heat can lead to the damage of your stones. Diamonds are one of the toughest stones on the planet, which is why we at GS Diamonds advise to not place diamonds close to each other in case of a scratch on 
the diamonds surface.

Making Sure Your diamond Is Insured:

*  GS Diamonds has teamed up with a jewellery insurance company to offer you that peace of mind that when you walk out our door you are covered.The insurance that we offer covers you internationally and for portability. Please contact us for more information. This is a value added service.


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