What Are Diamond Certificates?

An official diamond grading report produced by a independent team of unbiased and expert gemologists, they are NOT carried out by the diamond purchaser or wholesaler.

What Do Diamond Certificates Report?

                            An evaluation of a diamonds characteristics such as:

                             tick Carat weight                                       
tick Clarity

                             tick Colour                                                tick Polish

                             tick Symmetry                                           tick Measurements

                             tick Fluorescence                                       tick Diamond proportions

The diamond Cut grade is usually only for round brilliant cuts

What Certificates Do GS Diamonds Offer To Customers?

tick IGI - International Gemological Institute            

tickEGL - European Gemological Laboratory

tick GIA - Gemological Institute Of America

GS Diamonds only deals with 100% natural, conflict free and certified diamonds. These diamonds are certified by various independent diamond grading laboratories. We urge you to understand that different diamond grading laboratories may follow different grading practices. The most popular diamond grading laboratories are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and EGL (European Gemological Laboratory). GS Diamonds cannot be held responsible for grading done by an independent diamond-grading laboratory.



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