Diamond Colour

How Does A Diamonds Colour Affect Its Value?

  •      The closer a diamond is to colourless, the more precious the diamond is because of its rarity.
  •      Subsequently the further a diamond is from colourless, the less precious the diamond is because of the vast quantity available
  •     Fancy or "vibrant" diamonds such as greens, pinks and blues, which come out from the earth are sometimes highly valued because of their extreme rarity.

How Are Diamonds Graded?

  • Diamonds are graded from D, this is a strictly “colourless diamond”, to Z “tinted yellow” following alphabetical order.

The image below is just a representation to show the customer visually how the diamond changes as the grading changes 

Diamond colour

Diamond colour grades start at D, and continue on through the alphabet. As shown as above.


The top three colours of grading a diamond are D, E, F. The following grades posses such a minute colour change compared to each other. Making it very difficult to distinguish between these grades.

Considered as the second most important feature of a diamond behind a diamonds cut, colour is the feature that is most obvious and visible to the naked eye.

Diamond colour grades


  • Completely colourless, a diamond of this grade is extremely rare and possesses the highest colour grade.


  • Colourless to the naked eye, this diamond’s colour is even difficult to detect by trained gemmologists


  • Near colourless and of good value, a diamond of this grade is challenging to notice with the naked eye.


  • Near colourless and have excellent value, a diamond of this grade has colour, which may be spotted faintly with the naked eye.


  • Visible colour, a diamond of this value has colour which may be detected with the naked eye


  • Strong visible colour, a diamond of this colour may be easily detected

What Colour Grade Should You Choose

It can be said that, diamonds graded “D” through “F” are the most valuable because they are rarer. These diamonds are highly desirable, however, attractive diamonds can still be purchased at grades slightly less than colourless.

Again it should be noted that diamonds graded "G" through "I" demonstrate no colour to the untrained eye.