Diamond Cut

Cut Is Regarded As The Most Important Of The “4 C’s”.

Some common diamond shapes are round, princess, marquise, pear, emerald, oval and the heart.

At this point, it is important to note that a diamond's shape is not the same as its cut. Cut is the reference to a diamond's reflective qualities. The shape refers to the general outward appearance

A good cut gives a diamond its brilliance and fire. The angles and finish of a diamond are what determine its ability to handle light. Therefore, a well cut loose diamond exudes the most brilliance whereas a shallow diamond or a “too deep” diamond exude poor brilliance.

What Is An Excellent Cut:

  • A round diamond cut in the best proportions in order to attain the greatest brilliance (level of light return through the top of the diamond)

Very Good Cuts

  • Reflect most of the light that enters the diamond
  • Posses a good deal of brilliance
  • Diamond proportions are generally slightly different to the ideal proportions for the purpose of creating a larger diamond
  • Commonly very good diamond cuts are similar to that of diamonds with an excellent cut
  • Prices of very good cut diamonds are usually below excellent cut diamonds

Good Cut Diamonds

  • Reflect much of the light that enters the diamond
  • Proportions are not within the preferred range because the cutter is trying to maximize carat weight rather than reducing carat weight and producing a smaller excellent cut diamond
  • Good cut diamonds are recommended for customers on budgets, or cost saving situations because they are much more affordable than:
  • Excellent cuts
  • Very good cuts
  • Good cuts
  • Without taking away the quality or beauty of the diamond