Valuation Report

What Is A Valuation Report?

A valuation report is a document that provides a detailed description and value of one or more items of jewellery. A standard jewellery valuation involves carefully examining each item to assess the quality and attain a value based awareness on current market conditions.

GS Diamonds are proud to have a member of the Australian National Council of Jewellery Valuers work for us. We are able to provide a valuation after the completion of your purchase. Please note, that valuations at GS Diamonds are only done for jewellery and diamonds made/purchased from us. Diamonds purchased from us that are in need of a valuation require a valid certificate. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY OTHER ITEMS OF JEWELLERY OR DIAMONDS THAT ARE NOT MADE BY GS DIAMONDS AND/OR PURCHASED FROM GS DIAMONDS. At GS Diamonds we are also proud to have qualified diamond graders and a gemologist as part of our team.


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